Mauri Dark New Single ‘LOVE WILL PREVAIL’

A tender quiet ode, Mauri Dark delivers something quite heartfelt on the touching “Love Will Prevail”. Never raising his voice, he explores an entire universe of compassion throughout the whole of the trac. Things are kept to the basics for he taps into the very essence of good folk – the way that the piece evolves has a pastoral bliss to it. Lyrics here serve as the very core of the entire work from which all else flows. Delivered with the right degree of poetry, the verses flow through in a way that adds its understated sense of majesty.

Things start off quietly without too much fuss, for the tone is set immediately. With each reiteration the song expands ever so slightly while it retains a degree of rural psychedelic spirit. Little flourishes here matter a great deal, for they further add to the sense of comfort that permeates the whole of the piece. Sung with such care, he chooses his words carefully making sure each one hits with maximum impact. Guitar playing features such subtle gestures as he grows things up in a way that invites the listener into something splendid. He explores the very psyche within all of this, for the song at times is akin to a character study as the piece rotates and elaborates in ways that are truly natural.

“Love Will Prevail” shows off the deft skill of Mauri Dark in crafting a world that feels truly lived in.