Dee Lunar – Have you ever felt empty inside?

North Queensland artist Dee Lunar has , she spent most of 2020 separated from her partner because of border closures . Depressed she Turned to alcohol , drugs , people and material things to fill the void inside . She wrote this song as a healing moment , realising she had to look inside to find that peace and fulfilment , to face those demons and ride the tide . The Emptiness truly reflects the inner and outer turmoil going on in her life but also reflects the turmoil going on in the world at large . Are there people walking around as empty shells ? Having switched themselves off , numb to reality !

The Emptiness is the first single off Dee Lunar’s upcoming EP called The Darkness , recorded by Todd Macalpine at Pandamonium Records , with Dee on vocals and guitar , Joel Clement on drums and good friends Kevin Hazel standing in to record bass , Nathan Parise laying down a little lead guitar and the beautiful soul singer Vivien Aisi on backing vocals . Recently Kalen Simpson has joined the band full time to play bass for live gigs and on future recordings.