Openfire. release new single “Move Me”

Move Me is the new release of one of Adelaide’s most gripping bands; Openfire. Move Me, in all of it’s infectious bass and bright synths, illustrates the desire to break free and chase desire in the grips of “the groove”. It is the story of the person you lose at parties, carried on the wind time and time again in the pursuit of ‘something’, but lost in the lights and the hype. This single is off the back of 2020’s powerful and inspiring single Wonderland, which marked the start of a new era for the band that Move Me serves to continue.

Openfire. takes the time and effort to build a world with each release and create an immersive experience sonically and visually. Smoke, mirrors, and a labyrinth come to mind, to paint a gently warped reality that illustrates the track. Frontman Luka Sandeo’s soothing but wistful vocal delivery helps to communicate the dissonance felt when the heart begs for its shapeless, irrational impulses to be heard. Yet, the four-to-the-floor kick and the bass lock in to create a groove that holds you intently, echoing the loud-yet-disarming atmosphere the song lives within. Finally, the song is completed by something of an ‘anti-chorus’, reminiscient of Prince’s “Kiss” or Charlie Puth’s “Attention”.

The single was written and tracked in Openfire’s home studio, with production duties shared by the band and Max Hurrell. Mixing and mastering was by Adelaide’s Alex Mader of Disk Edits (Hilltop Hoods).

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Luka muses, “We really wanted to talk about how human it is that we’re willing to just dive into situations without really knowing where they’ll lead us, in the hopes that it’s somehow better than where we are currently. We are always one decision away from a completely different life.” This uncertainty and the search in identifying one’s true desire is where the song finds it’s heart. Under the flashing lights it’s hard to know which way is up. Sometimes the only thing it seems you can do … is move.

Move Me is out today.