6 Awesome Tips About DMT from Unknown Sources

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DMT or the spirit molecule is a psychedelic and hallucinogenic drug commonly used by the Amazonian tribes. Its popularity has peaked over the last few years, and this has been attributed to the multiple uses it could be employed. These include natural healing, personal and spiritual growth, management of depression, e.t.c.

This psychedelic is found as a naturally occurring substance in Psychotria Viridis. A plant used in making Ayahuasca brews. Other than that, it could be made in the lab and sold as tablets or powder form. You can also get it as a DMT Vape Pen now.

Many users opt for DMT over other psychedelic drugs like LSD due to its rapid onset of action and a low profile of adverse side effects when high. The pure form of DMT is a white crystalline powder from certain plants found in South America and Mexico. However, during purchase, it can be easy to fall for counterfeit products.

Here are six tips to ensure you are getting the right product without being ripped off.

Inspect the Product’s legitimacy

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DMT comes in a variety of colors. These include white, yellow, and red. However, color is not an indication of potency. White is the purest form, while yellow is likely to contain other alkaloids, affecting the drug’s effects.

A sure way to test for legitimate DMT would be getting a test kit. Another good giveaway is the ‘plastic’ smell it gives off. To carry this out, hold an open flame about 6 inches from the product sample and slowly begin to move the flame closer. It will vaporize into a cloud of white smoke before the flame touches it giving off an unmistakable burning plastic smell.

Redness, or in the worst-case blackness, means that the extraction process was made in a hurry. The product will be harsh to your lungs as it could be very alkaline.

Check the Seller’s Reputation

There are many scammers and dubious people that might sell you illegal, fake, or dangerous products. You will also find people who never deliver the product as promised, stealing your money in the process.

To overcome this, go through customer reviews on the vendor before making a purchase. Careful exploration is of utmost importance, especially where your health might be at risk.

Compare Quality and Quantity

Before buying DMT from a vendor, do your homework, find out information about the product’s quality, quantity, and pack sizes. Start with a small dosage of about 15mg as a beginner. Consulting your doctor before use is also very wise. Start small to assess the vendor’s quality before graduating to more significant doses. Having someone who has done it before do it with you could also come in handy. You will feel comfortable, and in case of a ‘bad trip’, they will help you go through it.

The Payment Method

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Legit DMT sellers will have their customer’s protection take precedence. These security measures are to insulate them from fraud, theft of credit card information, and money. Avoid suspicious or personal payment accounts.

Escrow accounts can serve to warrant trust among parties. When payment on delivery is an option, make it a point to meet in open and familiar places. This ensures you are not robbed by people posing as DMT sellers or other ways you might be a victim of exploitation.

Check Website Transparency

When buying DMT online, a genuine seller will clearly describe the product they are selling. This information allows potential buyers to understand what they are getting in the purchase.

Look out for support through third-party endorsements, other company affiliations, and unbiased reviews on the website. Make it a point also to visit their social media and inspect reviews from customers. If there aren’t those things, steer clear of those vendors. You might get a defective product or get your money stolen.

Avoid Unknown Sources Altogether

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To prevent buying counterfeit products that take a toll on your health in the short and long term, how about learning how to make and extract DMT yourself? It is important to note that

DMT-containing plant seeds are not as regulated as the plants themselves.

Thus, some like the Reed Canary Grass seeds are easy to procure in some countries. You can therefore use the plants that grow to extract your own DMT. Some of the extraction methods include acid/base extraction or the much simpler straight-to-base method.

Your powder’s white, yellow, red or brown color is safe to smoke, as previously mentioned. However, blue or green should serve as your cue to try again and do better. Arm yourself on how to adjust for the different plant species you are using to extract DMT.

Adhere to all the lab safety protocols to prevent accidents. Wear gloves, safety goggles, and masks. Remember, DMT is banned in many countries, be careful not to get caught up in the law.

Please make sure to consult a doctor before taking your DMT extract, as the composition may vary with plant species and the extraction process involved.


DMT is banned in most countries and could be an avenue where one gets lost trying to get a legitimate product. The above tips should guide you on this quest to get DMT from unknown sources. It will ensure you never lose your hard-earned money and guarantee health safety.

The psychedelic experience can be very intense. Please ensure you have a sitter to help you through the process and make sure you do not injure yourself.