Jermaine Lockhart Presents New Song ‘Sunday Doo Dah’

Jermaine Lockhart’s “Sunday Doo Dah” is one of those blissed-out, chilled-out sounds that is a true joy to get lost in. From the effortlessly breezy hit of the keyboards to the mellowed saxophone playing, it all works wonders in creating a style that feels distinctly his own. Genre-wise, it incorporates elements of pop, funk, light jazz and even a hint of rock into the proceedings. Without needing to say a single word an unspoken narrative emerges. His strength on the sax as well as the giddy playfulness of the overall spirit of the piece brings the listener into a warm, welcoming world. The attention to detail means that the evolution of the groove is given the utmost importance and attention.

A gentle introduction sets the groundwork for what follows. The theme comes into the fray with such care and consideration. Right when the drums enter into the mix, the spry sound truly begins. Everything about the piece has a gentleness to it, one whose kind compassionate gestures possess such charm. Layer upon layer enters without ever making the sound overly dense. Instead, the trick comes from the careful pacing of the work, for nothing ever feels rushed. He lets every single detail truly sparkle and shine, as every element elegantly interacts to create something full of life.

“Sunday Doo Dah” is a lovely, sunlit track showing off Jermaine Lockhart’s deft skill in balancing so many instruments in a way that becomes masterful.