5 Facts About Diamond Concentrates

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Diamond crystallines are more potent but not popular in the cannabis world. Cannabis distillates vary in terms of results, applications, power, and consistency. Over the past few years, there has been rising popularity in diamond concentrates. You can get the best diamond concentrate products from online stores like Weedsmart.

What do THC Diamonds Mean?

THC diamonds are also known as crystalline cannabis, and they look-like the geology counterparts they imitate. They come from an already extracted oil with their acidic THC form. The crystalline structure contains 99% refined THCA and 1% terpenes plus other cannabinoids.

Here are five facts about Diamond concentrates that you should know.

THC Crystalline Won’t Get You High

THC A diamonds produced from dormant cannabinoids can’t get you high. It’s incapable and won’t cause the happy feelings and psychoactive effects found in THC. However, THC-A transforms into THC under high temperatures. The end-product of the heating is a substance with a high THC concentration that will get you high. Therefore, heat is the only thing that separates THC from THCA.

THC Diamond Concentrates Are More Potent

These are the most powerful cannabis concentrate available in the market. Their high potency is perfect for treating highly resistant medical problems. Taking one dab of these concentrates enhances the THC effects in the human system. Their results last for several hours and more than what you get from the other cannabis concentrates such as wax and shatter.

Diamond Concentrates are Safe to Consume

Yes, THC crystallines are safe. When you smoke THC diamonds, almost 90% of it gets into the lungs and then into your bloodstream and to the rest of the body parts. Besides, THC concentrates are stronger and more powerful than CBD, and other CBD concentrates.

In case you smoke excess cannabis diamonds, its effects clear off within several minutes. It’s good you take everything in moderation or as recommended. However, if you’re allergic to terpenes or THC sensitive, THC diamonds are also not a good choice.

Diamonds Concentrates Are Legal

The THC crystallines are not in the Controlled Substances category. Still, it’s listed in the Scheduled drugs, meaning it’s not considered federally to have the high effect or treating value. When the THCA diamonds are consumed, they are decarboxylated but only convert to THC when heated.

Diamond Concentrates Can’t be Produced at Home

Diamond concentrates can be made in two different ways, which include crystalline and closed-loop system methods.

Closed-loop Method

The closed-loop method applies a similar solvent removal method in other processes. A fluid solvent is added to the solution to set apart all the active elements. The extraction process helps to obtain the needed cannabis compounds. However, making cannabis crystals is a hard process that requires technique. The good thing is that the initial steps are similar to those used to produce other concentrates. Making the crystalline structure that leaves consumers delighted requires more time.

So the question about making your own THC crystalline at home; it’s not a good idea to prepare them in your kitchen. This is because they need chromatography equipment that uses complicated technology. The reason why the THC is in inactive form is because of the cold extraction method applied. Also, the equipment used is costly, and you wouldn’t want to leave such equipment to an unskilled person.

Crystalline method

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This is the other method used to mix the solvent with THC isolate to make a supersaturated compound. In this process, the diamond concentrates are produced through high temperatures and pressure. On passing the solution under high pressure and temperature, the gems form while the solution evaporates slowly.

Best Consumption Method for Diamonds Concentrates

Crystalline THC has a versatile way of delivering its health benefits to your system. You can vape or consume it directly for its positive side effects. Vaping or smoking THCA diamonds changes it to high THC to give you a wonderful experience. On the other hand, adding the THC concentrates to beverages or food won’t cause the high effect as it’s only THCA in them.

However, the only problem is that these products are hard to find because very few manufacturers can replicate the concentrate successfully. For that reason, the diamond concentrates are also pricey.

With their potency, crystalline diamonds can treat hot flashes and boost your moods. They also help with gum and tooth issues. Further, consuming raw diamond crystalline is a good choice for those affected by THC. Diamond crystalline can also reduce inflammation that results in various illnesses.


THC crystalline is a rare cannabis concentrate and has high potency. Various THCA concentrates build in different processes. What differentiates the diamond crystals is the procedure applied to extract and the processing technique used. They are the most powerful known cannabis concentrates and yet won’t make you high. Diamond concentrates can only be in crystalline structures and convert to THC when vaped through e-cigarettes or subjected to high temperatures.