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ICYMI- Zappa, Take The Wheel!! — Warren Dunes Share Their Latest Single

Seattle based family band Warren Dunes are set to release ‘Get Well Soon’ on 3/19/21. Calling the album a “Hallmark card to everyone that lived through 2020,” the band’s ‘postmodern beach music’ is on a mission to help us all feel normal again.

This week the band shared their single “Just Another Band From Warren Dunes.” With a splash of Tune-Yards and hearty helping of Zappa, the track lives in that fun world where genre gets tossed out the window. Instead we’ve got a song celebrating music for music’s sake. Oh, and some killer drumming, sparkly keys, and a melody that builds and builds and builds some more!


Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum selling rock band KINGS OF LEON officially release their much buzzed about eighth studio album When You See Yourself via RCA Records. Listen to When You See Yourself –

Recorded at Nashville’s famed Blackbird Studios and produced by Grammy Award-winning Markus Dravs, the album has received early critical acclaim. Rolling Stone Magazine notes “…the band’s eighth album is an arena rock of the mind,” that “lunges and soars with rippling guitar leads cascading across some of the dirtiest riffs the band has put on a record since the New South-meets-neo-Strokes garage moves of its first two albums… this record might surprise you.”

Chicago-Based Group COURSE Announce Debut Album // Lead Single “Give It All Away” Out Now

Chicago based synth-pop group Course has announced their debut album A Late Hour will release this spring on May 21st. Today, they shared the video for their lead single “Give It All Away,” a dreamy vamping ballad. Under The Radar stated, “The band’s rich combination of talents and collaborative approach is immediately evident in ‘Give It All Away’…Each element comes together beautifully, coalescing into a lush dream pop tapestry.”

Michael Feuerstack unveils new album, Harmonize The Moon, two weeks early exclusively via Bandcamp…releases new single to DSPs today

The “achingly intimate” (Exclaim!), “gentle and reflective” (AmericanaUK) record is Feuerstack’s fifth album issued under his own name, and the latest in his celebrated catalog that has spanned more than two decades.

Song Premiere: Michael Feuerstack “Call of the Tired”

Toronto’s Pop-Soul Trap-R&B Artist OLENKA Plucks the Petals of Love in New Single, “Purple Rose”

At 50,000+ streams across platforms and rising, breakthrough Toronto pop-soul and trap-R&B artist Olenka plucks at the petals of long-distance love in this, her new single, “Purple Rose” — available now!

“I recorded this single a while back, and it easily became my baby,” the Toronto-based singer/songwriter confides. “It was written about a relationship I had in the past; sometimes you meet someone who just inspires a sound…”


[folk/songwriter] Michael Feuerstack Shares “Call of the Tired” From Harmonize The Moon LP

All over Montreal Michael Feuerstack’s latest record, Harmonize the Moon, time—and its inherent illusory nature—is incredibly elastic. Some moments seem to stretch on forever; others are illuminated only briefly, like fiery embers popping into the sky, extinguished just as quickly as they’re recognized.

While Feuerstack arranged and recorded Harmonize the Moon completely solo at his apartment in the spring of 2020, the songs that compose it were written over the past couple years, on wanderings and tours as well as at home. He embarked on a slow process of balancing the poetic with the narrative, producing songs that flow naturally instead of adhering too rigidly to established forms. The result is a collection that’s pensive but playful, introspective yet generous, and achingly intimate.

Song Premiere: Michael Feuerstack “Call of the Tired”

Everyone You Know x Joy Anonymous – Just For The Times

Multifaceted sibling duo Everyone You Know (EYK) and rising artist and producer Joy Anonymous have teamed up to release their club-ready anthem ‘Just For The Times’. The single reflects on the past year and taps into the current collective optimistic feeling that the good times are now just round the corner.

Puslinch, ON’s Alt-Rocker APRICITY Releases Smashing New Single, “All My Lies”

Months after bursting out onto the music scene without so much as a warning, Scottish-born, Puslinch, Ontario-based singer/songwriter Apricity has released her debut single and video, the alt-rock extravaganza, “All My Lies” — available now!

The Puslinch-based powerhouse first released the five-minute track back in October along with a spooky music video, which was directed by Jesse Read of Dropout Entertainment and Toronto Creative; the enchanting song and accompanying short film has already amassed more than 120,000+ streams across platforms — including 80,000+ on YouTube alone.

Silience – I Don’t Wanna Know (Alex Adair Remix)

Adding his signature sound to the track, Alex Adair delivers an atmospheric edit, adding a unique four-to-the-floor blend of piano house to the rework. Best known for his UK Top 20 hit ‘Make Me Feel Better’, Alex Adair has gone on to produce a series of anthems such as ‘Heaven’, ‘Dominos’ and ‘Stronger’ and is quickly becoming one of the most prolific and sought after producers in the industry. A renowned remixer, Adair has previously reworked hits for music heavyweights including Ed Sheeran, Jessie Ware and Ella Henderson garnering well over 200 million streams.

The Deathray Davies Single “You and Me Until the End” Out Today!

If you can believe it, 15 years have passed since the garage rock outfit The Deathray Davies have shared any new material. That changes today with the forthcoming release of a brand new album, Time Well Wasted.

The record’s first single, “Then You Met Me,” inspired by the sound of the 60’s British invasion, is available to stream + share everywhere today. Watch the official music video below, as well as the video for “Talking With Friends.”

SONG PREMIERE: The Deathray Davies Return With Big Buzz Guitars On Anthemic “You and Me Until the End”


Having achieved big things at a young age with Hare Squead, Jessy Rose recently made a brave start to his solo career with the single ‘Set Free’. An autobiographical account of his rebirth as a solo artist, it was greeted with a fresh wave of attention from the likes of Clash, The Line of Best Fit and Dork as well as an add to Spotify’s New Music Friday.

Saccades shares new single and video ‘Heat’

Talking about the new single, Wood says: “Influenced by a mixture of early house music and yacht rock, I wrote ‘Heat’ during the sweltering nights of last summer in the stuffy flat that I was living and working in at the time. It’s a song about missing playing live shows and touring, the buzz of the crowd and the connections that are made at gigs and on the road. For the last few years I have been constantly on tour or travelling away for shows and it’s definitely something I took for granted, now that it’s not possible.” On the accompanying video, made by Wood himself, he continues: “Following on from the themes in the lyrics and the energy of this track, I created the visuals as a tribute to the unknown raver. I made it using found footage and a Tachyons+ Psychenizer video synth.”

Olivia Merilahti of The Dø (Billie Eilish, Justice) new single + video

After nearly a decade of success as half of The Dø – who Billie Eilish recently cited as a key influence on her Apple podcast ‘Me & My Dad Radio’ – French-Finnish Merilahti this year makes her full length debut as Prudence. The release of Beginnings in May will follow the success of Prudence’s critically acclaimed EP Be Water, which arrived in late 2020 alongside this performance for La Blogothèque.


Written, arranged and orchestrated by Paul Stanley, “I, Oh I” is the first original song to be released from the band’s forthcoming album Now and Then, out on March 19 via UMe, available for pre-order HERE. A collection of nine classic soul covers and five original tracks, Now and Then will also feature the band’s acclaimed version of Five Stairsteps’ “O-O-H Child” as well as their take on The Spinners, “Could It Be I’m Falling In Love.”

“As much as Soul Station is rooted in the past, I wanted our music to also live in the present,” said Stanley. “”I, Oh I” shows what can grow from those deep roots. With love and respect, we’re proud of where we come from and where we’re going. Check out the first of 5 originals from the album!”

Dreamy Shoegaze To Carry You Into The Weekend!

Portland, Maine based band, Crystal Canyon’s latest album, ‘yours with affection and sorrow’ is more than just a nod to classic shoegaze sounds. Released on January 29, 2021 via Repeating Cloud, the album is a shimmering example of the genre at its finest.

Lynda Mandolyn’s “honeyed vocals” are beyond dreamy, gliding over reverb soaked guitars, swirling synths, and melodic distortion. ‘yours with affection and sorrow’ is a dream pop triumph.

Now the band has shared their even more dreamy, remastered new single, “Boomerang.” The track is a refreshing take on vintage Mazzy Star and My Bloody Valentine.

Pop Newcomer Ravive Releases Debut Single “Sahara”

“‘Sahara’ was an experience. I wanted to really paint the visual of trudging through the desert, feeling exhausted, but still trying to make it home. Pop music has always been a euphoric, but sometimes heartbreaking sonic trip for me, so I wanted to create a song that could be that experience for someone else. “Sahara” captures an odd juxtaposition between mental exhaustion and finding sanctuary. Exploring those opposites melded into a synth fusion that I instantly fell for.”

Curt Barlage Debuts 1st Solo Single, “So Long Cecilia”

“On his first, official solo endeavor, Los Angeles, California native Curt Barlage, has taken a departure from any specified genre that may be pinpointed in his previous musical collaborations (The Bixby Knolls, Strange Phases, Red Hearts White Ribbons, Murci) and has essentially put the influences in an all-encompassing, aural blender with his debut single ‘So Long Cecilia.'” – Vents Magazine

NYC Alt Pop Trio JANUARY JANE Announce New EP ‘Your Drug,’ Release New Single “Versions Of You”

“This EP is like a medley of all of our experiences in NYC and beyond,” explains guitarist Mitch C. Mitchell about the recording process for Your Drug. “We recorded some of the album in our ‘clubhouse’ in Midtown, Manhattan, some in Brooklyn, and some in LA. Next time around, we’ll try to record in all five boroughs.. but every space has its own energy, so we really try to utilize that in a metaphysical way, of course.” When talking about the specific meaning of “Versions Of You,” he adds, “There is this insane but true premise in Quantum Physics which states that by simply watching, the observer affects the reality of what is being observed. We are always changing and changing everything around us. So who do you want to be? Which version of yourself do you show others? That’s what the song is about.”

Miranda Lambert, Jack Ingram, and Jon Randall Announce ‘The Marfa Tapes’ // Video For “In His Arms” Out Now

Barely a dot on the map, Marfa is an eccentric outpost in the midst of a vast expanse of nothingness, the perfect place to lose – or find – yourself. For Lambert, Randall, and Ingram, it’s both. Over the past several years, the desolate location has become a songwriting haven for the trio, yielding both massive hits and profound personal growth. When they returned for five days this past November though, they came not to write, but to record, capturing a captivating new album inspired by the stark beauty of west Texas and the deep, lasting bonds the three have forged there. Recorded raw and loose with just a pair of microphones and an acoustic guitar, The Marfa Tapes is a stunning work of audio verité; an intimate, unadorned snapshot of a moment in time fueled by love, trust, and friendship.

Why-Axis Releases Upbeat New Single “Shoulders”

“‘Shoulders’ is about my relationship with a partner that kind of goes between loving her and also being annoyed by her at the same time. The track is just showing how I talk about things annoying me from her, but also being a bit lost without her,” explains Why-Axis. The buoyant new track shows his immense versatility while giving Why-Axis the space to vent about this rough relationship’s mixed feelings. The dynamic beats and instrumental is driven along by his effortless flow and creative vocals. The breezy fluidness of “Shoulders” highlights Why-Axis’ impressive and artistic ability to create a unique and innovative new sound in and outside of the rap genre.

ALB – Voyage EP – Out Now

From Ram Records must-have 2021 annual through to his debut single ‘The One’, ALB has made his impact on the label within a very short time frame. A new era of producer, he’s about to announce a four-track EP which encapsulates his journey on the Ram Records moniker so far.

The title-track is first to make an appearance on ALB’s ‘Voyage EP’ alongside floanastasia, with the long-time collaborator adding her emotive vocalisations into the mix, meanwhile ‘Spaced Out’ moves you through its motions in a laid-back fashion. Fan favourite ‘Breathing Space’ follows suit, whilst the skipping drum sequences of ‘Distant’ draws the curtains. It’s another awe-inspiring feat from ALB, once more proving his place amongst Ram’s camp, one which has stretched across nearly three decades.

Sulene releases he•don•ic EP out today on Trash Casual

Today, South African-born, Brooklyn-based artist Sulene released her new EP, he•don•ic on Trash Casual. The five songs on the EP dive deep into her struggles with alcohol addiction, depression, and hedonic pleasures, and finding a way out of these destructive cycles. Sulene’s dark lyricism is juxtaposed by dancey, sexy beats strewn with synth and guitar that she describes as a “gothic disco party”. This vulnerable-meets-underground club aesthetic is found on songs like “identity crisis” and “photo booth”, both questioning bad habits she’s encountered in her life. Written at the start of the pandemic, closer “diner coffee” brings a more slowed down, sullen moment to the record as Sulene states “I promise to be useful” – a nod towards needing to create while blocking out depression.


“When we wrote “So What?” two years ago, it was coming from my personal view on how religion has in many ways become its own sort of animal; overriding the concept of love, compassion, family. How we’ve gone from loving one another to judging each other and even fighting them based on the religion one practices or doesn’t. Family should be the religion, not the other way around. Of course, anyone who listens to the track can interpret as they wish however, that’s my take.” – Trip Six

Gav Brown’s third studio album “Shoalhaven”, a multi-layered masterpiece of musical styles!

The Shoalhaven Album weaves captivating songs, and a multi-layered masterpiece of musical styles into a musical delight. Shoalhaven follows on from the internationally successful Road to You (2019) and Sound Circus (2018) albums and is dedicated to producer Charlie Young who died in a diving accident in 2019. Charlie produced Shoalhaven, Road Less Travelled and Sound Circus album. The name Shoalhaven is a marine park in Rockingham, Western Australia where Charlie enjoyed his passion for diving and sea kayaking. Shoalhaven was created with some of Perth’s best musicians including Kristian Borring, Lee Buddle, Ian Simpson, Ric Eastman, Roy Martinez, Kieran Hurley, Kaitlyn Keegan, Christiaan McKensie, Mark Underwood and Paul Millard.



“no sense” is taken from Baby Keem’s upcoming album, which will be announced soon with more music. It follows last year’s release of two songs, “hooligan” and “sons & critics freestyle” and 2019’s seminal record Die For My Bitch, which led to Baby Keem being crowned an XXL Freshman and appearing on the cover of i-D Magazine.