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Returning in a sparkling pop creation via a proven collaboration, we see multi-platinum singer-songwriter, KIIARA, and platinum producer Felix Cartal defy the usual industry standards and allow their creativity to guide them on their latest single. “Happy Hour” is an uplifting tune paired with wry, personal lyrics that will provide the next anthem for 2021, out now via Physical Presents. Who needs romantic perfection when you have radiant happiness and a drink in your hand?

“Happy Hour” is the first release since KIIARA’s debut album, lil kiwi (here), late last year; which featured a collaboration with rapper blackbear, “So Sick,” Entertainment Weekly referred to as “…a bittersweet breakup song that gives the “Gold” singer’s usual blend of electropop and trap a breezy twist. And while blackbear is exactly who you’d want on a track that acts as a playful middle finger to an ex, it takes on a fun new meaning when you realize the two artists briefly dated.”

Kiiara tells us about the collaboration: ​”Felix and I have been meaning to work together on an original song of our own for years. I’ve always been a fan of his work. I remember him sending me a remix of my song “Feels” a few years back and I was blown away. I’m really excited about our new song “Happy Hour. It’s a melodramatic emo anthem (lol that’s both of our specialities)”.

Watch the powerful video for Tōth’s “Turnaround (Cocaine Song)”

The single comes off his upcoming album, You And Me And Everything, that’s out April 30th on Northern Spy. Based partly on the hard truth of hitting rock bottom before getting sober, the video stars Toth’s family members choreographed dancing at his fictional funeral. Read his full statement on the details of how this song and video came to fruition below.


Produced by GRAMMY nominated, multi-Platinum producer Roy Lenzo (Lil Nas X, Kid Cudi) and Frans Mernick (A$AP Rocky, Miguel), the catchy track chronicles Rozei leading his girl, who has been hurt in the past, out of the “Heartbreak Hotel,” showcasing his signature flow and irrespirable melodic hook.

“‘Heartbreak Hotel’ is the pivot point of the progression in which my evolving sound has been taking while creating my project” Rozei shared. “Reconnecting with an ex at the hotel bar and realizing that time hasn’t been the most kind for either of you, is something that i feel like a lot of people can relate to metaphorically or literally.”

Wild Pink share new single “Pacific City”

Wild Pink’s highly anticipated album A Billion Little Lights, is due out this Friday on Royal Mountain Records. Slated as one of the most anticipated albums of 2021 by outlets like Pitchfork, Stereogum, Uproxx, The AV Club and New York Magazine, the album has been preceded by singles “The Shining But Tropical,” “You Can Have It Back,” “Oversharers Anonymous” and today the band are sharing a final single from the LP, “Pacific City.”

Fayn | “Heart Of A Hustler” | Lyric Video

Rosewood Reveals Dreamy Single “Fool for Love”

Growing up less than one hour away from her hometown of Timmins in Northern Ontario, Shania Twain’s music has always been special to Rosewood Avenue. Their upcoming track, “Fool For Love,” drew a lot of inspiration from her ballads and from the fact that her husband at the time, Mutt Lange, recorded most (if not all) harmonies.

Save Yourself Releases Debut Single “Rage Runners” on New Noise

“Rage Runners” is the first single ever to be released from Winnipeg-based musician Save Yourself. On his debut offering, the young producer finds a beautiful balance between serene moments augmented by delicate vocals and harsh grating soundscapes that reverberate with every drop.

FUATH Shares Music Video for New Single, “Into the Forest of Shadows”

FUATH, the atmospheric black metal offshoot of SAOR’s Andy Marshall, will be releasing its upcoming full-length ‘II,’ on March 19 via Season of Mist Underground Activists. FUATH is now sharing the official music video for the second new single from the offering, “Into the Forest of Shadows,” which is available at THIS LOCATION.

Sal Dulu (Jamz Supernova tips ffo: Madlib, MF DOOM) | New single out today feat. Fly Anakin – album out Friday

This new single, “Zumo”, finds the latest in a run of exciting collaborations – Fly Anakin most recently released the FlySiifu’s record with Pink Siifu (who also featured on the new Avalanches record. It follows previous tracks with Koncept Jack$on and staHHr (known for her work with MF DOOM under the alias Angelika). The new album is sonically a myriad of dusty electronica, downtempo hip-hop, jazz, and late-night ambiance summoning a sound akin to The Soft Pink Truth, Yves Jarvis, upsammy, etc. Thematically, the record explores nostalgia and the liminal spaces between dreams and reality acting as a collection of ten idiosyncratic “dreams” with each one providing a different tangent, be that time spent in Berlin (“Just Like Sonnanelle Blues”), notions of regret (“She Belongs to Roth”) or the resurfacing back to reality and consciousness (“I Kan”).

LA’s ambient new dream pop/electronica artist Douglas releases “Clouds,”

Following on the heels of its enthralling lead single “Cigarettes,” “Clouds” is the second offering from Ashes (out April 2nd, digital advance below), the captivating debut album from Douglas. While technically her debut, White is a veteran singer, songwriter and musician, previously best known for contributing background vocals to M83’s seminal album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, and performing alongside Mariqueen Maandig Reznor in the acclaimed LA band, West Indian Girl. Raised by American parents in Spain, Amy Douglas White, always felt a little caught between worlds. Written and produced by White, Ashes exudes complexity and cultural fluidity.

BLINDFOLDED AND LED TO THE WOODS: BrooklynVegan Premieres “Black Air” From New Zealand Progressive Death Metal Quintet

BLINDFOLDED AND LED TO THE WOODS presents Nightmare Withdrawals, a record which sees the band taking their already unstoppable craft to the next level of technical decimation. Much like NZ peers Ulcerate, BALTTW often explores atypical terrain, no more so than on Nightmare Withdrawals. Fueled by trauma, yet wholly cathartic, Nightmare Withdrawals’ sinuous songs exhibit technical mastery and raw emotionality. In recent years, the band’s hometown of Christchurch has suffered through natural disasters, a terrorist attack, and now a pandemic. Nightmare Withdrawals exorcises traumatic emotions in a cathartic eruption of tense, textural, and altogether fearless metal. BLINDFOLDED AND LED TO THE WOODS is a crew of passionate musicians determined to capitalize on a decade of hard work and relentless artistic drive.


Today, critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Lauren Auder debuted the video for her new single “Heathen.” Directed by Layo Mussi, the video places Auder in a series of austere but beautifully cinematic backdrops. Whether she’s submerging herself in a pond fully clothed, ambling beside a blazing bonfire, or gazing out a fogged window as she rides through the countryside, Auder lights up each frame with her magnetic presence and ultimately heightens the song’s stormy intensity.

Esther Rose Releases “Good Time” From Forthcoming Album How Many Times

Esther Rose’s homespun brand of country music has drawn comparisons to legends like Hank Williams, modern trailblazers like Rilo Kiley, and a host of other luminaries in between, but those who are doing the comparing always make note: she’s got her own thing going on. Rose’s innate ability to reflect on her own feelings, to not cast blame, and to keep a smile while doing so brings a spark to her music that sets it apart from her contemporaries and influences alike.

Esther Rose Embraces Recklessness on New Song ‘Good Time’

Theo Tams – listen to ‘fixable’

There have been times where I’ve had to ask myself the question – is this too far gone? Is it broken? And if it is broken, can it be fixed?

My new single, “Fixable,” is about how complicated it can be to apply the concept of fixing what’s broken to love, rather than looking for something new.

#ATLTop20 #Certified !!! – BABYGRANDE RECORDS Presents: Chelly Flame – “Big Flame” [NEW VIDEO]

Chelly Flame’s vivid lyricism paints a vibrant picture unto itself, but her allure truly comes to light with a visual counterpart. Introducing fans to this enthrallment, Babygrande Records enlisted Atlanta’s GT Films for the “Big Flame” music video.


Directed by Dano Cerny, the video features both Sam and Demi set within a train carriage, showcasing them going about their own lives, but with a unity of emotion that highlights the song’s message of being alone together. The video made its broadcast premiere on MTV Live, MTVU, NickMusic and on the ViacomCBS Times Square billboard.

Demi Lovato, Sam Fischer share ‘What Other People Say’ video

Metalcore Band SLIVERS Releases Official Music Video for Single “Fragmented”

Slivers is the culmination of years of collaboration between Kyle Skellington and Ron Hutchinson. After releasing Worn Callous in 2018 a full band was formed. With songs fueled by the sounds of current J-rock, Metal, and Post-Hardcore of the past, the band looks to release new music and connect with the world for years to come.

Emily Rodgers Announces New LP

I Will Be Gone, which represents a collaboration between Emily Rodgers, her husband/guitarist Erik Cirelli and legendary producer Kramer, with whom she has worked for over a decade, was written and recorded in just six days. While the title track, “I Will Be Gone,” was fully formed before Kramer arrived, the rest of the album was written and recorded in Emily and Erik’s attic in Pittsburgh, utilizing lyrics by Emily and music by Erik. In addition to mixing, mastering, and producing the album, Kramer also serves as vocalist, bassist, pianist, and arranger, and the record belies an immediacy that is reflective of the time-limited nature of the recording process. Emily, Erik and Kramer plan to continue to write and record albums in this fashion, once the pandemic has passed and it is possible to be together again.


Up-and-coming British hard rockers Inglorious released their fourth studio album, “We Will Ride,” on February 12th via Frontiers Music Srl. This is their first official recording with new members guitarists Danny Dela Cruz and Dan Stevens and bassist Vinnie Colla, who join original members vocalist Nathan James and drummer Phil Beaver.

#ATLTop20 #Certified !!! – Derty North Entertainment Presents: King Beli – “Juice Her Up” feat. Renni Rucci & BWA

Music Industry Vets Launch Podcast To Help Artists Make Money + Survive The Industry Independently

With decades of experience in various aspects of the music industry, Webb and Tamkin hope to provide valuable insight into how independent musicians can make money without sacrificing their art and passion. “We want to build a culture of informed musicians who no longer feel they need a big shiny label to ‘make it’ as a musician or band,” says Webb. “We are living in the greatest do-it-yourself age in history for musicians and we want to bring that to the dinner table.”

Listen to Max Foreman’s new single “Open Eyes” via Backseat Mafia; ‘Underground’ is due on 3/5

Regarding the meaning behind the single, Max stated: “‘Open Eyes’ is a moment in time, and an opening of the gateway to a new sonic universe. The parallel worlds on the Underground EP unfold: cosmic synthesizers and analog drum machines tearing through the sky, anchored by volcanic textures of layered guitars. The lyrics depict a fragmented state of consciousness, tripping backwards and replaying moments out of sequence. It’s a strange journey that awakens the ear to new worlds contained within.”

Premiere: Bouquet man Max Foreman releases new single, Open Eyes

Greek Experimental Electronic-Pop Artist, IOTA PHI Shares Atmospheric New Single ‘Wolves Mate For Life’

IOTA PHI aka Ilia Darlin is a Greek singer, songwriter, director and record producer. Inspired by ideas of identity, post humanism and greek mythology, her sound effortlessly brings together a swirling mix of Alternative Electronic, Pop and R&B in a truly original and elegant Art-Pop package.

Having enjoyed major support from the likes of Spin, Vogue, Popjustice, Earmilk and Videostatic, Ilia’s first studio work which was released by EMI topped the Greek charts. IOTA PHI’s debut EP ‘Kloudland’, which featured Daniel Heath (Lana Del Rey) set the tone for her upcoming album ‘Homo Pauperis’, an entirely self-produced album with the help of Mikael Delta (Stereo Nova).