Sex dolls as a substitute for human intimacy

We have seen robots making life at ease. We have seen robotic cars, robotic arms, robotic stuff everywhere, but had someone ever thought about robots sating your wildest sex fantasies. With the advancement in technologies, what was once a fanciful dystopian conceit is closer to becoming a fully-fledged reality. From making moveable display mannequins to the formation of the world’s finest love dolls, handcrafted in the USA, Matt McMullen, who owns this multi-million dollar business, thought that they’d be an interesting next generation of a mannequin or just interactive art. However, the reaction he got to the use of love dolls was so overwhelming that he decided to go with the flow. Here is when and how sex dolls came into consideration and are now being used as a common sex tool for intimacy and pleasure.

Initially, genital replicas, stand-alone things like dildos were used, and now this is the most embodied form, in the shape of the human body. claims in selling the best sex dolls. They specialize in making sex dolls with various specifications based on size, color, heights etc. Also, the facility of customized sex dolls made of material and specs of choice makes it an affordable place for the thing of your choice.

Human substitute

According to a survey, people using sex dolls call this physical relationship “secondary”, as it has nothing to do with romanticism. We live in a world that objectifies sex through prostitution. Humans are used as tools, and sex dolls are an extension of this. Where human intimacy is splendid, it may sound messy and complex too due to the unfulfilled sexual desires of either partner. Sex dolls eliminate this factor. Robots designed for intimate relationships will ultimately enhance rather than damage human relationships.

Benefits of AI sex dolls

The next level sex toys can talk and listen to you. They can respond and can give you the best sexual pleasures. A wide range of black sex dolls is present that is most high in demand. These can fulfill your kinky sexual desires without expecting a lot from you. Sexual toys make it easier to masturbate, have sex or perform any sexual activity or positions that would otherwise be hard or difficult for some people with disabilities or reduced mobility.

There are seven billion people on our planet and we are facing a crisis in relationship building. And corporations come along and take advantage of it by claiming that objects can replace an individual. The discrepancy begins with a clarification of central concepts. Should sex dolls be considered as next-level sex toys? How do they serve an essential purpose in the social and sexual lives of the people who use and own them? Do their owners treat them as human surrogates or consider them full posthuman synthetic partners? All these things raise a question on human intimacy and impacts on the sexual health of their users.

Despite the broad acceptance of sex toys representing human body parts, the development and marketing of human-like full-body sex dolls and interactive and moving full-body sex robots have elicited great controversy in both public and academic discourses. It is a normal and personal choice whether to use sex toys or not. There’s nothing bad about it as long as you use sex toys safely.