Billy D. Rice Presents “The One That I Love”

When you’ve been surrounded by creativity your entire lifetime, it’s natural that you would indulge yourself in the same progression you’re so familiar with. Billy D Rice was born in Canada and spent some time in Boca Raton, Florida. He falls under the umbrella of country but can easily be identified as country rock, country dance, and country hip-hop. His classification isn’t a style, but more a feeling. He finds inspiration in his surroundings: lyrics by Marvin Gaye, instrumentals by AC/DC, the magnetism of Garth Brooks and meaningful statements from a friend. His eclectic sound is there to provoke good feelings and energy bursts, and his message to his fans is to “Enjoy life because it’s short.” Through his lighthearted lyrics and buoyant melodies, Billy D Rice keeps his priorities in check by only surrounding himself with good people, good energy, and good music. The singer splits his time as a car recondition expert and artist and balances all of the positives in life. As long as he’s “keeping it country,” then he’s set, and the music video for “The One I Love” – which features the baritone voice of Richard Rice singing the harmonies and breakdown – is as country as it can get.

Ms.Bluepandora, Billy’s love interest in real life, brings fantastic energy in the new music video “The One I Love,” and that’s okay since the song is about her. She doesn’t just dance; she choreographs, empowers, and shines. The group is surrounded by plenty of farmland, horses, tractors, and cowboy boots and hats. Rapper Brian Bristow joins Billy D Rice in celebrating their women, and although he’s from Ontario, Canada, he fits the southern cowboy lifestyle like a natural. Director Josh Tiller captured the highlights and matched it to the pace and vitality of the track: there’s plenty of shots of Ms.Bluepandora swaying her hips, Brian Bristow breaking it down, and Billy D Rice getting the vibrancy soaring (plus, a guest appearance from a horse that was allergic to grass!) Billy D Rice just gave you a theme song to your relationship; so, find your partner, express your love to them, and groove a little.