Reaching for Gold: Entering the Competitive Music Field and Finding Success

Dreams don’t happen overnight. In reality, making those goals come true takes a great deal of hard work and effort. While this is true for many industries, entertainment is especially trying as so many are trying to get noticed. Artists must remain persistent and passionate as they seek to reach the top, understanding that many falls may occur. However, success is possible if the proper steps are taken, and you have the talent and energy to keep going. Here are three musts for finding your way to the platinum.

1. Build a Following

Technology allows artists to express themselves frequently and quickly. Start by reaching out to the masses in simple manners, putting music out on social media platforms. Having a solid group of listeners is a good showing when you approach management agencies. Executives like Jordan Kurland can use this solid foundation to kick start a career. It starts first with you at home, getting what you love out to others.

2. Listen to Professionals

Kids used to buy discs and tapes, listening to an entire collection at once. Then, music evolved to downloads. Now, it’s really about getting one hit out at a time. Be patient and trust managers to assist you in your marketing needs. Professional Jordan Kurland has found success with many artists because he understands that gathering interest and showing talent is essential. Be open to ideas, and know that the music industry changes. What you see as a successful music career may be different today than in previous years.

3. Don’t Turn Down Work

Don’t be picky about performances or interviews. Exposure is important. When a meeting is set up, take it seriously, even if you aren’t thrilled with the venue or crowd. It’s a chance to play and gain popularity.

The top of the charts is possible if you’re willing to stay committed. Play your heart out, and remember to take the advice from those in the field.