Rizo Releases the Much Anticipated Music Video for “Sometimes the Sky’s Too Bright”

Grammy winning chanteuse, Rizo (fka Lady Rizo) is back with the long awaited music video for “Sometimes the Sky’s Too Bright” featured on her album Indigo.

Rizo, known internationally for wild metropolitan nightclub-pop performances in couture, takes to the natural world for this new video. Exploring vivid metamorphosis and time-lapse with photographer and director Matthew Placek [A Portrait of Marina Abramović] — the lush imagery of the video perfectly illuminates lyrics first penned in 1934 by Welsh born wordsmith Dylan Thomas, the original rock n roll poet.

“The song features the words of a Dylan Thomas poem set to a haunting beat by composer Yair Evnine. The poem has such sumptuous imagery from nature and I was overjoyed to work with acclaimed multimedia artist and director Matthew Placek. Placek’s conceptual photos and films investigate the intimacy of time and place in a way that has long captivated my NYC community and beyond. His rich and elegant visual language transcends the art of portraiture. It was incredibly joyous to literally wrangle butterflies with him. Machine Dazzle rounded out our creative team; the beloved conceptualist, performer and champion of maximalist costume-as-art acted as a living image architect during our time-lapsed shoot. Machine addresses the human body with a heightened form of surrealism that exudes wild queer joy while Placek narrows in with refined aesthetic clarity. Working with the two of them was such a dream- even when standing still for 4+ hours against the ever shifting backdrop of the Catskills countryside.”