Nova Rose Single ‘Need Me’

The opening lyrics in my new single “Need Me” hit the hardest. I can’t breathe, been two weeks I can’t get my shit together / I can’t sleep, melatonin nights that I don’t remember. I think we all go through tough days, weeks, months where we feel like the world is against us.

“Need Me” is available to stream everywhere –

Produced by House of Wolf (Carlie Hanson and Cheat Codes), I wasn’t feeling like myself when I wrote this song and searched for anything to help me feel better. “Need Me” sparked an epiphany, in which I realized it’s okay to not be okay and sometimes loving yourself is enough.

I started being kinder to myself, understanding the importance of mental health and owning our emotions—the good, bad, and ugly ones.

Expressing them in a non-destructive way is part of growing into who we are, with the courage to be imperfect. I’m a big dance-in-the-mirror type of girl. Letting loose allows us to keep calm and not let the world take over our minds. Self-gratitude is a practice we could all benefit from these days.

Thank you for listening, Nova Rose