“The first thing to do is to search for another planet
For the occasion wear a dress of silk and garnet
Get your goldfish, don’t take too much
We’re gonna dive off the roof in a homemade rocket launch”

Over the Continent is a song about new beginnings, hope and love. About finding your bearings when everything has changed, everything is different, everything is upside down. About learning to live apart, but also learning to get closer once again, with more awareness.
It’s a song about realizing what is important, redefining priorities and the importance of choosing what you take with you through life, with the realization that material things aren’t the answer.
And finally it’s a song about being able, once again, to travel, despite not knowing what the future will bring us and if things will ever go back to normal.

“After some time, we may get just a little closer
The darkest night has passed and we’re getting stronger
Get your memories, don’t take too much
We’re gonna travel light, and hope we didn’t misjudge”

An uptempo indie pop song with an alternative electronic production combining piano, synths and nostalgic vibes, Over the Continent embodies the hope we all have for what’s to come after 2020.

Written in collaboration with Marco Ferazzi and Stefano Iuso, the song is part of an album written, recorded and produced in 30 days in a little dark home in Milan (Italy) during the global pandemic, which will be coming out as singles over 2021.

The darkness which peeks through the music and tinges the whole album is a melancholic fil rouge, which reflects the literal and metaphorical darkness of the last year and is echoed through moody, shadowy photos and graphics.

A world in black and white, but still with some hope to be found in the madness.