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Regain hope and faith with Rev Peter Unger – ‘Selah’

Bronx Bred Puerto Rican Singer & Emcee Angie Rose Blooms on New EP Unstoppable

Faith, and a love for God and hip-hop, propelled recording artist Angie Rose from the clutches of self-destruction, thus setting her recording career ablaze. As a result, Capitol CMG and VME announced the release of Unstoppable, Angie’s new EP, out now on all music platforms.

The project is led by “Not A Monster,” which topped Spotify’s Latin playlist. Bouncy beats, quick-witted lyricism, and her soulful trademark hooks lace the tracklist, featuring anthems such as “7 Gold Chains”, that can be taken to the party or on a transformational journey. “Angels” demonstrates her divine belief in the protection she’s felt journeying through the insular storms of her life.

Growing up in The Bronx, the birthplace of hip-hop, and around the influences by her Puerto Rican roots, Rose’s musical mindset has formed an armor to withstand a world and an industry that isn’t always welcoming to women holding a mic.

Artist: Black + White TV – Track: Song 60

Our band “Black and White TV” finally released the first song of our album this year.

The name of the song is “Song 60” as it is the character’s last song that he writes. The song is about the self-perception he has during his last day on earth. It explores the thought process of justifying or regretting decisions made throughout the course of a lifetime. It’s a ‘looking back on life’ story that everyone will someday experience, and this was his on judgement day.

Ntitled – new album “Can I Get a Minute”

Our new album “Can I Get a Minute” just came out a while back (OCT 30) and would like you to consider it for (Skope)

Short Bio: Originally from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, my aim is to elevate local music to go onto the global scale and inspire people.

Album Description: Apple Music Described the album as “A crisp offering from a duo at the cutting edge of Saudi hip-hop.”
The eight-track album contains catchy melodic elements, nostalgic hip-hop beats, and grasping vocals. From the motivating message in ‘Believe In A God’ to the melodic & sexy ‘I Got That’ our aim was to deliver a melodic bliss combined with lyrical depth across the album.

PhotoSynthesizers Reveal Bold Single + Video for “Ants In The Antennas”

PhotoSynthesizers, aka The Ropes-Of- Dope, is a Hip-Hop Rock Duo out of Richmond, Va. The group consists of its co-founding members, Maurice “Barzencode” Osion (lyricist) and Josh Bryant (producer). Barz and Bryant’s art alliance, rhyme-rock hybrid, was formed when the two met through a local publication in the group’s hometown. Though Barz and Bryant are instrumental to the synthesizers’ sound, the duo in the past have accompanied themselves with a family of musicians for their live shows. Barz multilayered rhyme schemes with Bryant’s hard-hitting production of 808’s, guitars, and synthesizers are a double helix of Hip-Hop and Rock swinging perfect timing to jumping into other musical genres that have formed their signature sound.

Video Out Today from Evripidis and His Tragedies

“Melancholia” builds to a sweeping chorus — “melancholia, it’s closing in,” — amidst a hope to keep fighting. Evripidis looks to the stars early on the video, interrupted by melancholia’s presence, traversing thereafter across seaside cliffs, nocturnal games, and dance parties as the fight goes on. The music video features the direction of Miguel Rojas and Iván Alarcón.”

Weezer Release New Single “All My Favorite Songs” Out Now

Los Angeles, CA’s Weezer will release their fourteenth studio album, entitled OK Human, on Friday, January 29th on Crush Music/Atlantic. The album’s first single, “All My Favorite Songs,” can be heard now.

New Music From LILHUDDY “21st Century Vampire” Out Now On Immersive/Geffen Records

Singer, songwriter and brand-new Immersive/Geffen Records signing LILHUDDY (aka Chase Hudson) releases his first official single entitled “21st Century Vampire,” which is out now along with the music video. Fresh off the heels of starring in Machine Gun Kelly’s first-of-its-kind musical film experience Downfalls High, LILHUDDY is making his musical introduction with a signature style cultivated by the raw and restless angst of post-internet era adolescence. His music is a perfect hybrid of pop, punk, and alternative with an underlying message encouraging authenticity and self-acceptance. “21st Century Vampire” serves as a metaphor for the punks and outcasts who need a place to fit in and was co-written by Chase along with Nick Long, Jake Torrey and Andy Selzter. The track is available now at all digital retail providers via Immersive/Geffen Records.

ALPHA BOYS Proclaim Themselves The ‘Saviours Of Rock ‘N’ Roll’

Saviours Of Rock ‘N’ Roll is the anticipated debut album from the Swedish band Alpha Boys. The album contains ten deathpunk/rock n roll hits with deep lyrics about loneliness, hate and alcohol. With music inspired by bands like Motörhead, Turbonegro and a hint of Meatloaf, they have created the perfect mix of rock n roll and punk. A new party anthem for the world.

NEW MUSIC // Tate McRae – “rubberband”

The track continues to showcase Tate’s undeniable songwriting and vocal ability while the music video combines both talents with incredible choreography for yet another triple threat moment.

Dead Original Release Their Latest Single/Video “Blasted”

Dead Original out of Chicago is releasing their last single “Blasted” from their coming album release ‘Bought and Sold’ out in Feb.

1782: share creepy “Priestess of Death”

Italian occult doom merchants 1782 sign to Heavy Psych Sounds for the release of their sophomore full-length ‘From The Graveyard’. It will be released on March 26th, and you can hear a creepy first track entitled “Priestess of Death” now !

1782 about the new song: “Accabadora” is a figure that existed in Sardinia. She was a woman dressed in black who put an end to people’s suffering. The last testimony of her intervention dates back to 1952. She wandered around the village at night in search of open doors, if she found one it meant that inside that house a life was about to extinguish. She had her wooden hammer and with it, gave a strong blow to the back of the head, putting an end to the person’s suffering. She was also called the “Priestess of Death”. This song wants to convey the feeling you could have while waiting for this woman — anxiety, torment and perhaps peace.”

Frank Turner ‘starts again’ with Lottery Winners

January is a time for looking forward as the bleakest year in living memory fades and now, soaring over the mound of broken resolutions, comes hope! Lottery Winners join with punk-folk hero, Frank Turner in the first big blast of optimistic, fresh air of 2021 with their single, Start Again. A soundtrack for the vaccine-era, of a new US President, light after the dark, rebirth and new beginnings.

LOW ISLAND – Reveal “Feel Young Again”

‘Feel Young Again’ is a quintessential example of the sophisticated indie-pop with which Low Island have started turning heads across the board, taking cues equally from Radiohead, Glass Animals, Caribou, Talking Heads and TV on the Radio.

The icy production and precise instrumentation contrast powerfully with an underlying emotional warmth, and the easy, infectious groove. Ushered in by Carlos Posada’s honeyed falsetto, the track lifts off with the early first chorus – and quickly settles into an invigorating march.

Jason Voors Approved! SEASONS RVA Releases “Killing Season” Music Video

Jessi Mac share new single ‘Carry On’

London trio Jessi Mac have shared their new single, ‘Carry On’, the latest track to be taken from their upcoming debut EP Border Lines, out on February 4th.

With soulful and emotive vocals set against a lush blend of tender guitars and sweeping strings, the track is a poignant and prescient statement on the state of our earth.

KUU drop official video for‘We’ll Always Have This Dance’

Shot in an idyllic, sun-drenched location in Joshua Tree, California, the official video for ‘We’ll Always Have This Dance’ sees KUU vocalist, dancer and activist, Shungudzo performing the track while channelling spiritual energy into her and her surroundings. Bringing the track to life in a meaningful, literal and captivating way, the video symbolises the various themes in the song by bridging the gap between the light, dark and rebirth. Wonderland Magazine added that: “Cutting between the sun-drenched desert and a dark mysterious building, the group give us a social distancing approved video that plays on the need for touch and brings the track to life.”

LOW ISLAND announce debut album | new single ‘Feel Young Again’ out today

Oxford quartet Low Island release new single ‘Feel Young Again’ today, and with it announce their highly anticipated debut album ‘If You Could Have It All Again’ for April 16th.

‘Feel Young Again’ is a quintessential example of the sophisticated indie-pop with which Low Island have started turning heads across the board, taking cues equally from Radiohead, Glass Animals, Caribou, Talking Heads and TV on the Radio.

Blue Ice Johnson Releases Infectious & Message-Heavy Pop Single ‘On My Mind’

Blue Ice Johnson releases his latest captivating single “On My Mind.” The pop/r&b fusion contains every element to get listeners grooving and uplifted. “On My Mind” takes the listener on a musical journey where Blue Ice Johnson showcases his artistic versatility infusing a nostalgic r&b style with a modern pop vibe. The emotion-drenched vocals and melodic instrumentation seamlessly work together for a must-listen record. “On My Mind” contains strong lyricism that will hook the listener, due to the relatability and captivating story-telling. The downtempo beat and melodic elements such as the infectious guitar progression give the vocal an intimate, euphoric feeling. With mesmerizing lyricism, Blue Ice Johnson maintains a fully charged arsenal of high-quality music, supporting the fact that he is set to make a prominent impact on the music industry and the charts. This release is a testament to Blue Ice Johnson’s versatility as a musician and his innate talent. The single will be available on all digital streaming platforms on January 18th.

Regain hope and faith with Rev Peter Unger – ‘Selah’