Once your band is reaching lots of new fans how do you engage them and continue growing?

You form a band for fun with your friends. Before long you begin to see the band’s following grow. Commercial options become viable. A career in music seems possible, you hit up a gear and before long you are no longer the super-star kids, movers and shakers in your small mid-western town, you are now small creative fish in an altogether bigger pond. So what next?

Well, you probably always had a clear vision of the music you want to make and where it might go, but you probably haven’t spent much time thinking about how you, not only connect with fans but more importantly, keep those fans along for the ride. There is, after all, a lot of competition.

The first thing you need to do is join social media platforms for maximum exposure, set up your own website, create a brand identity and prove to potential fans, near and far, that you are worth them investing their time, and of course money, in. Just as there is an art to writing the perfect three-minute pop song…or even 20 minute prog-rock epic, there is an art to running promotional campaigns which keep your on-line presence ahead of the pack. And if you don’t have a clue where to start with such things, companies such as SEO Mississauga will know exactly how to present you to the world at large through social media.

To be honest, the rules are the same no matter what the product. You might be the hottest pop band on the current scene, you might be a Dutch construction firm, you might be a major los angeles moving company, the same laws apply. The product may change…yes, you are a product…but the rules of the game stay the same.

Growing your audience is not as simple as just being musicians, touring, playing gigs, engaging with an audience one show at a time. It should be, but right or wrong those days are gone. The most successful bands understand this and you will find that in order for them to concentrate on making the best music that they can, such jobs are farmed out to PR and marketing companies.

It might seem odd but the same team trying to build excitement and energy for your latest single are the same ones who only yesterday were doing their upmost to ensure that a new vegan delivery service was reaching their widest audience.

In short, stick with what you are good at and make sure that when you need to attempt the next step up the ladder you bring in the experts.