Why it is so important to take time off from music to rest and restore creative juices?

Creativity, imagination, artistry and innovation are all commodities as much as any other physical aspect such as strength and manual tasks. Overuse them and you burn out. So it is important that you take breaks from such activities to allow your creative juices to recharge. The muse will only descends when it has something to feed off.

They say a change is as good as a rest and so recharging the batteries might come in the form of a temporary change of focus as much as from actual rest and recuperation, engaging another part of the brain whilst the section that you use for song and lyrics, musical vision and sonic insight gets to take a break.

Gaming, either via table top Role Playing Games or on the computer are actually smart ways to stay active whilst taking a breather from the musical muse. It employs imagination, often social skills, problem solving, action and concentration but taxes a very different set from the ones you have been running on in your search for the ultimate three-minute pop song. If you don’t have a group of people around you to engage in RPG’s and the like then busting out the First Person Shooter game and heading off into space or German occupied Europe or into a dystopian future are all great distractions. It pays to have a fast computer to play on so always be on the lookout for the best gaming laptop deals.

Pets can provide untold pleasure too. A dog will encourage you to get out into the fresh air and even looking after a cat can prove to be a very mediative task. They can certainly be more self-concerned than the more affable hound but even the most stubborn and suspicious feline will melt when massaged with the right cat grooming tool or some form of personal pampering or offered the perfect treat.

And don’t forget to reward yourself for your own creative input. When you feel as if you have worked hard, overcome a hurdle and earned a treat, then do exactly that, treat yourself. This could take almost any form but make sure that it is something that you weren’t planning to buy or do anyway, that’s just shopping, this needs to be a special thank you to yourself, a reward and motivation in one neat package.

From Chocolates to a new book, from womens loungewear set to a new pair of shoes, a video game or just some time spent in a bar or cafe to yourself, the art is to just surprise yourself…you’ll walk away recharge and thanking yourself, something which you should never forget to do.