How do you know when your career in music is not working and to settle down and go to school?

Not all dreams come true. Sometimes the art of getting on in life is knowing when to walk away from something which isn’t working and strike out in a new direction. Music isn’t for everyone, even the most skilled are subject to the hand of fate. There is a real art in knowing when to retreat gracefully, perhaps head back to school to learn new skills or even resign yourself to a more conventional life.

But that isn’t to say that there isn’t just as much art and creativity to be found in the right job, it just might not be as obviously apparent at first. Engineering, design, tech even the upper echelons of the most everyday company is run on ideas and innovation, thinking outside the box and forging along untried paths. There is probably as much artistry at work in the cubicles and meetings of companies such as Millenium Gospel as to be found in the birthing of a new Pink Floyd album, well, maybe not a Pink Floyd album but certainly those of most bands.

And even if you are looking for something more obviously creatively driven, everything from beauty and fashion to catering to architecture, even the likes of town planning, will allow the creative juices to flow. Just because companies such as Thread & Supply cater to everyday clothing needs or working in the local hair salon might seem a far cry from striding the boards as part of the latest indie music sensation, working in such places can be just as rewarding and probably about fifty times more stable a career.

What about teaching? Perhaps the ultimate creative process. Imagine being able to train, challenge and educate young minds and send them out into the world armed with your own thoughts and ideas as a springboard. Whether you are teaching in the most refined canadian private schools or the most challenging inner city establishment, most teachers agree that the rewards are like nothing else in mainstream employment.

Dreams change and just because you think that music is the ultimate creative process it pays to stop and think. There are many, seemingly everyday, jobs which offer the same levels of creativity, there are certainly plenty of jobs which offer much more security and financial reward, you just have to find the balance which works for you.