Norwegian innovator SKIA launches euphoric anthem ‘Feeling Fine’

Capping off a highly successful debut year, Heist or Hit’s (Brad Stank, Her’s, Pizzagirl) Norwegian innovator SKIA launches euphoric, elemental alt-pop anthem ‘Feeling Fine’ –

Hanging her signature tight pop structure on the clubber climbs of trance synths and rising pianos, the dazzling star produces a crystalised, crying-on-the-dancefloor anthem, proving the ideal follow-up to exhilarating September cut ‘Pocket’ and in turn revealing her own subgenre; ‘Dish-Dance’. Definition: dancing and singing along to Britney, Ariana and Robyn as a form of work out and therapy whilst performing everyday chores such as washing the dishes.

Showing true progression with her growing collection of fjord-beat bangers, SKIA explains: “This track is about rediscovering self-assurance, confidence and self-love after having felt low for a while. That ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ vibe where you’ve been lost and sad and then you slowly start feeling yourself again. It’s the feeling of getting over someone or something, moving on and starting fresh. It might be you feel betrayed or hurt by someone for something they did, but then realising life isn’t always fair, beating a dead horse is pointless, and you better let go, move on and focus on the good things in life. Before you know it, you’re feeling fiiine again”.