Sons of Jersey New Single ‘Don’t Let Nobody Turn You Around’

Sons of Jersey hold nothing back on the bluesy fire of “Don’t Let Nobody Turn You Around”. Volume deserves to be blasted for theirs is a physical sound. From the insistent hit of the drum to the power of the guitar riffs racing on through it all works. Dollops of distortion help to further shape the colossal sound. By far the heart and soul of the track lies within those carefully laid-out lyrics. The sheer pathos of the vocals imbues a sense of strength to those lyrics effortlessly punctuating the power of their message of defiance. Instrumentally the band works as a singular entity, perfectly playing off each other to accurately capture the communal quality that defines the tried and true classic rock sound.

Nor do they waste a moment for the sound starts up almost immediately. They work feverishly in a delirious blur for the whole piece propels itself forward. Lyrics are stripped down to the essentials almost touching upon a chant-like mantra. By carefully reflecting on the word choice the song becomes something intense to fully experience. Small flourishes matter a great deal as each single reiteration of the theme helps to grow in subtle ways. For the final stretch they seemingly let loose letting everything free in a burst of energy.

“Don’t Let Nobody Turn You Around” shows off Sons of Jersey’s impeccable blues chops in creating a powerful piece of work.