Things to consider when choosing ELAC bookshelf speakers

For more than nine decades, ELAC has been working to produce high-quality speakers for their customers. Their bookshelf speakers, designed by Andrew Jones, come in various models. Ultimately, they have delivered, and if any veteran audiophile were to attest to one of the best in the market, he would agree that indeed ELC bookshelf speakers are unmatched. 

When selecting a bookshelf, homeowners are selecting speakers for their home. They need to consider their sound quality and size. Even more importantly, the speakers should meet their existing setup and not get in the way when not in use. In fact, that is why bookshelf speakers are undoubted the best alternatives to floor-standing speakers. One factor that makes this possible is their adaptability to even the smallest spaces.  

Since there are many models of ELAC bookshelf speakers, choosing from the long list is very challenging. Even still singling out the ELAC best bookshelf speaker from the vast pool is problematic because, often, every model is just excellent in its way. Besides, it will be like advocating for a particular brand, yet they are many (ELAC Debut F5, ELAC FS507VX, ELAC Debut 2.0, and many more). Nevertheless, for anyone who wishes to choose among them, below are a few guidelines that will surely help. Below are the general features of some of the ELAC best bookshelf speakers.  

Detailed Features to Consider

Apart from sound quality and size, one should check these speakers’ performance and compatibility based on their preferences. Every buyer should go for a model that is user-specific while assuring that audiophile dream.  Also important when choosing the best ELAC bookshelf speaker is to pick affordable speakers and have a multidimensional audio experience. 

The 1-inch cloth dome tweeter

These speakers have a one-inch cloth dome tweeter that delivers high life-like frequencies. The tweeter has a wide-roll surround that improves its response capabilities. It also gives it a crisp, high-frequency performance. The wide-dispersion waveguide also controls directivity and eliminates the diffraction modes inherent with most bookshelf speakers. 

Woven Aramid Fiber woofer

This fiber on the speaker offers excellent stiffness and damping. Its superior polypropylene paper also significantly improves sound quality, strengthens it, and gives it a smoother extended low-frequency response. Besides that, the fiber’s larger size also gives the speakers a solid sound without giving them any jarring side effects.

Solid MDF cabinets

These speakers’ design features a sports solid MDF cabinet with a luxe black ash vinyl finishing. The cabinet is attractive to look at but offers better strength and stiffness that subsequently reduces vibrations caused by extreme coloration. Their front has a bass port that makes it easier to place them against the wall if one does not have enough space.

Optimized Center Speakers

The center speakers offer sensitivity and higher impedance, thus requiring minimum power from the AV receiver. Besides, they enhance the dynamic impact generated from low-cost receivers, making them a good fit for an individual with a starter hi-fi system. Additionally, they have a multi-channel network that enables them to generate sound from the speaker’s center.