TWOFEW New Single For ‘On The Run’

A surrealistic blend of dream pop meets shoegaze, TWOFEW crafts a tender work with the potent “On The Run”. Layer upon layer of sound is brought into the fray with painterly precision. From the spaced-out vibes of the guitar riffs to the dramatic flair of the rhythms it all works in a delirious way. By far though the true heart and soul comes directly from the intensity of the vocals. Here they pick their words with care weighting every single word for maximum impact. Quite beautifully they dedicate the song to someone they lost and do so with the greatest of delicacy, truly honoring their memory. Influenced by the pastoral bliss of the Cocteau Twins they let it all unfurl at its own pace making sure that not a moment is wasted.

Not a moment is wasted for they set the mood immediately. Fragile guitars enter into the fray making sure that they weave themselves together into a brilliant colorful tapestry. Vocals let the track truly bloom for it becomes a sheer force of nature. Evolution of the sound feels profound for the song has a heady mix to it. Increasing in terms of intensity there is a deep reflectiveness that works wonders within the piece. Melodically rich the dense mixture slowly fades away after reaching a peak, as it dissipates away in a glorious, naturalistic fashion.

“On The Run” proves TWOFEW to be masterful storytellers creating narratives that come straight from the heart.