Engagement Ring Designs for the Modern Woman

When you present an engagement ring to your woman, the idea is to give her something that embodies her enigmatic spirit, to represent the reason you’re drawn to her, and why you want to spend the rest of your life with her. As such, it has become necessary to give her a ring that is beyond the traditional. If you have a modern woman as your partner, here are the engagement ring designs that you can choose from:

Edwardian-Style Rings

Your partner may be a modern woman, but it does not mean that you cannot choose an antique piece. If your partner exudes delicateness and femininity like no one else, an Edwardian-era style engagement ring is the perfect option that you can give her. They are strikingly beautiful and come with intricate details that you won’t find in any modern rings of today. Be sure to check out the milgrain and scrollwork to ensure that it has that distinct handiwork.

Diamond Halo Rings

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so gifting your loved one with a diamond ring can sure make her happy. However, why not dress it up with a halo to make it unique and even more striking? Do you know that adding a halo to your center stone can make smaller diamonds appear bigger than they actually are? This is a great and cost-effective way of impressing your partner.

Rose Gold Moissanite Rings

A rose gold moissanite ring is a perfect choice for a partner whom you have admired for her social consciousness. For a woman who values sustainability over what is trending, you can never pick a better ring to suit her personality. Not only are moissanite rings a great alternative to expensive diamonds, but they are also conflict-free and equally stunning.

Split Shanks

Split shank engagement rings are another modern and chic option that can dress up your loved one’s finger. Split shank rings come with two bands at the center stone. They are best for accommodating various accent stones that can make each piece truly unique and personal.

Solitaire Diamond Ring

Most modern women of today are no longer pleased with fancy details. If your partner appreciates simplicity and straightforwardness, gifting her with a solitaire diamond ring is, for sure, well appreciated. Sometimes, it is better to do away with the noise and stay simple.

Heirloom Engagement Rings

A modern woman will feel most loved when they are accepted by the people you love. Imagine her excitement when you present her with an heirloom piece. It can be something that was handed down to you by your parents or your grandmother. Remember to have it cleaned and resized before presenting it to your loved one.

Customized Rings

Perhaps one of the designs that will truly capture the heart of any modern woman is when you can think of a design or incorporate elements that are genuinely hers and hers alone. The engagement ring can have a colored gem with her favorite color, or it can have a piece of jewelry her late father gave her. It could be literally anything that represents and celebrates your woman. Before you customize a ring for her, it would be best if you can do research if the elements you want to incorporate are possible.

Choosing an engagement ring is nerve-wracking as it is. However, you should never forget that the actual proposal is the most important of all. Make sure to prepare. You don’t have to memorize lines from a popular movie; you just have to choose the right moment.