Freddy Rugga decodes street rules of engagement and Brooklyn survival codes on ‘MUZIK’

New York is the birth of Hip-Hop music. Some of the greatest lyricist and rap storytellers originated from the concrete jungle ‘New York.’ KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J, Run DMC, NAS, Jay Z, Eric B & Rakim, Public Enemy, and more cast a legendary shadow over every emerging artist in NYC. Entrepreneur/Major Recording Artist Freddy Rugga represents the total energy, spirit, and Hip-Hop culture of New York.

The Brooklyn native’s music consistently pushes the musical boundaries in Hip-Hop. Freddy Rugga’s music penetrates its listeners’ hearts and souls and elevates their mentality to a higher place. His latest single ‘MUZIK’ does not disappoint and illuminates critical street survival tactics infused with classic rap lyrical wordplay. Freddy Rugga represents the new school of Millennial Hip-Hop, and his latest track must be added to your streaming music library.

Stream ‘MUZIK’ here