Growth Continues for Mobile Streaming

Modern apps have changed the way we use our mobile devices as some have become a defining part of our day to day – gaming is often considered amongst the most changed since moving to the mobile space as a growing number of genres have surged in popularity. The biggest among these can often be found in the gambling and betting space, keeping up to date with ongoing games in sporting events for example with increased connectivity or accessing services with bonuses such as this Borgata Casino bonus code have allowed players to take advantage of many different aspects of gaming on their mobile device – but the next big set of changes could come to our favourite mobile streaming services.

These services have been changing over the past few years away from a base in music and more toward a full media experience, but the latest shift has come with the wider spread introduction of podcasting, both audio and video. This was brought to light recently with the deal signed by comedian and podcast giant Joe Rogan, who had moved from his own platform launched from a dedicated website to Spotify, reportedly signing a deal worth up to $100m. The change has come into the news a lot recently, it has been suggested that some of the Spotify staff are unhappy with his unfiltered approach to podcasting with many suggesting that change needs to be put in place. One thing this has signalled however is the rapid change many mobile streaming platforms have found to include popular media like podcasting.

Much of this change has come for similar reasons to what had been mentioned with gaming – the accessibility has meant the every day user can follow this path if they wanted – a good microphone and a little soundproofing is often enough, and with a growing number of famous personalities to everyday users launching their own podcast it’s no surprise that they have grown so much – this does of course saturate the market a little which may see the growth slow, but as these bigger platforms adopt both audio and video content it seems that it will stick around for a long time as interest continues to peak.

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The pandemic period has been especially helpful for these platforms in this regard – growing numbers of people at home whilst either waiting to go back to work or working remotely has led to more flexibility in how the day is spent, it is now seemingly more likely that someone whilst working from home will tune into a podcast than they may otherwise have been at work, for example, which has further helped the growth along – if there is a more permanent shift to remote working it’s likely this change will stick around and mobile streaming will move from strength to strength – the big question may be what comes next, advertisers have relished the chance to be represented on podcasting platforms but if the interest starts to slow, many may look toward other avenues for representation instead.