ABBIE OZARD releases widescreen dream-pop bop ‘True Romance’ via LAB Records

Manchester based Abbie Ozard releases escapist, 90s-tinged new single ‘True Romance’ on today via LAB Records.

Quickly building acclaim with her penchant for wistful coming of age tales, Abbie Ozard nails the ennui, anxieties and liberation of early 20s social navigation in her beachy indie. ‘True Romance’ follows in this vein – tackling listlessness by fantasising about being the lead character in the Quentin Tarantino film of the same name.

As Abbie elaborates:

“Growing up and living in a small town has made me dream of better things, and being a better person outside the bubble that I live in at the moment.

I feel like I’m constantly having some form of identity crisis; I watched True Romance and thought ‘fuck, i just want to be Alabama in this film’ and live this mad life with a cool leopard print coat on and purple converse. I want to be this character, with a cool life, and ride around in a pink cadillac. Hopefully one day I’ll be happy with everything that’s going on and the way I am, but for now I’m just gonna carry on wishing I was in True Romance haha”