Alex Price Presents ‘Love in L.A’

Alex Price is from Ontario, Canada, but if his single is true to life (which he says it is), he needed to go all the way to Los Angeles to finally fall in love. He explains how the song was inspired by his first trip to Los Angeles. He’d been playing a guitar riff over and over again, weeks at a time, which he just couldn’t get out of his head. As he recalls, this new music “exuded the palm trees [not native to Los Angeles, by the way], beautiful women and warm weather.” Next, he met a special girl, and the rest is pop music history.

The track has a sort of smooth jazz sound to it, kind of like what jazz/soul/pop music sounded like in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Lyrically, Price mentions Sunset Blvd. and the historic Whiskey concert venue. Vocally, Price easily goes from a lower register, up to falsetto. He then goes on to tell us how he fell in love in L.A. Strangely, though, it doesn’t really sound like true love, at least not the way he describes it. Instead, it comes off more like falling in lust. This is because everything he says about the relationship is superficial. It begs the question that, if all the Los Angeles visuals were removed, would this still be true love? At the risk of being a contrarian, it might be more believable if a falling in love story was set in, say, a hellhole like Barstow (No offense to anyone that lives there; it’s just not a very romantic place). If someone fell in love in Barstow, then it would have to be true love because the love would be central, not the location. Los Angeles is an amazing city, and it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement there. Sometimes this excitement can be mistaken for substantial romance. Not to question Price’s experience; if he says he fell in love in L.A., we best believe him. With that said, though, don’t expect the city to magically make you romantic once you visit there.

Sonically, the song is built upon a bumping dance beat. It’s like the soundtrack to a night out in SoCal. Toward the track’s end, the listener can hear people partying. Price wanted, as best as possible, to replicate the sights and sounds of this iconic locale, and he’s done a good job of it.

Listening to “Love in L.A., it’s clear Alex Price isn’t in Ontario, Canada any longer. Los Angeles is a big entertainment hub, and Price must have certainly felt like he was in his element when visiting the city. Often, visitors fall in love with all the opportunity offered by Los Angeles. Whether it’s movies or music, aspiring entertainers are magnetically drawn to Los Angeles. One can only assume that Price’s attraction was twofold. On the one hand, he visited Los Angeles to make his music dreams come true. He likely didn’t expect to fine romance there, too. Love, after all, can be quite surprising.

-Dan MacIntosh