New Music: Flõstate release subliminal sophomore single “Home Ground”

Following on from their debut single “Time” which was released earlier this year, fantasy RnB duo Flõstate continues to enthrall with sophomore offering “Home Ground”, out now via Lekker Collective.

“Home Ground” emerges from the sedated downtempo R&B soundscape which “Time” established, with producer MKSTN taking influences from UK garage, indie electronic and pop to create what can only be described as a sublime mish-mash of sounds, all held together by songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Avery Florence’s ethereal vocals.

Home Ground is finding yourself and what you want amidst chaos, with only your intuition to guide you home. It’s a two-part song, “Pt.1” being stripped down with just piano, wind chimes, and vocals, and “Pt. 2” with heavy production to play with contrast – calm versus chaos. The production is our most intricate to date, experimenting with key changes, timing, and swing. Much like how our lives are pieces stitched together from contrasting moments – MKSTN