Bratři transmit Signal to the world and their music promises to transcend borders

Electronic duo Bratři’s star is rising. Only recently were they announced as finalists of the prestigious Music Moves Europe Talent Awards (#MME_Awards), and now they are releasing their new single Signal. They teamed up with renowned producer Hannes Bieger who will also collaborate on their debut album, due to be launched next year. Their single Signal, which gravitates between techno and IDM, is released on 25 th September 2020.

Bratři are a new face on the Czech electronic music scene. Twins Jiří and Ondřej conceived the music project, which oscillates around a combination of catchy electronic dance, techno and ambient. The central driving forces are Jiři’s live percussion/drum beats and the melodic motives and sequences created by Ondřej on analogue and modular synthesizers, two captivating streams converging on stage in one uncompromising flow of electrifying energy.

Since their emergence in 2016, Bratři have played a high number of concerts and festivals, and yet they have released only one EP and two singles. The third, Signal, is coming out now and is a compelling augury of their long awaited debut. Also involved in the production of the single was German wizard of electronic music Hannes Bieger.

Besides the release of the new single in September, there is even more good news. Together with 15 other Euopean artists, Bratři have been selected as finalists of the prestigious Music Moves Europe Talent Awards. All the finalists will play a set at the biggest January showcase festival Eurosonic Noordeslag 2021, where an expert panel of judges will announce eight winners. One of them can also win the Public Award, for which voting is open until 7 th January, fans can vote for Bratři here: