Tantaly, a name of satisfactory products and services

We live a hectic and depressing life where we deal with different physical and mental challenges daily. After a long and tiring day, a person needs a comfortable bed or some activities to relax him. Some people start to exercise to calm their bodies, some take a nap, but most people used to watch porn and take the cover of masturbation. Young boys are more addicted to this habit, and according to health experts, it’s not good for their health.

A regular sex drive is far healthy compared to the so called self-services as it contains a low risk of bad health. Even the governments are taking the initiative and providing free condoms to enjoy their physical relation safely. But in some cases, somehow, people can’t afford to hire a new girl/boy every day, or they don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend, so they usually take the assistance of sex toys.

It’s not a new thing that needs to discuss more because everyone knows about sex toys and its huge availability in different varieties. The only need is to choose the right toy to satisfy your hunger and give you the ultimate pleasure. You can visit the local sex toy shop or visit the online store for the best options, and here is the link https://www.tantaly.com/. Tantaly is the name of high-quality services where you can find high-quality sex toys and accessories that will give you sexual satisfaction. The private parts of males and females are designed with the hygienic and supreme quality material so the users can enjoy every bit of it. Today, we are going to explore Tantaly and how this company is providing high-quality products, so let’s get started.

Who is Tantaly?

From the sex toy manufacturer industry, Tantaly appears as the torso sex doll’s creator, a doll made of supernatural material. You can get the male and female doll to fulfill the need of sexual desire. Once you visit the website, it will give you a full review of available products. However, they are close to humans but in half body but quite convenient as compared to full body dolls. You can compare the real human doll with Tantaly’s product, and you will see the difference.

Real human doll:

You may watch the human dolls who are just like real people, but they come with different issues. You can follow the features:

  • They are bulky
  • They are expensive
  • They are tough to store, even the room.
  • They also require high maintenance to keep it for a long time.

Tantaly’s product:

On the other hand, the masturbator cup is the best production of the company as it has the following benefits:

  • It’s light in weight.
  • It’s convenient and easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to store

Moreover, you can touch the big and bulky ass, press the breast, and get the pleasure. There is not much decision for clients who need to get a doll with these focal points in the current market, and it is loaded with sub-par toxic dolls and trick destinations. This makes clients stress over purchasing dolls. To this end, we want to tackle this issue and made Tantaly, devoting to giving high-caliber and sensible middle sex dolls with lovely after-deals administration.

High-quality material:

On Tantaly, you won’t locate any lousy quality impersonations here. The company has been in the sex toy business for over ten years. Every one of our dolls has been painstakingly chosen to guarantee that dolls are made of genuine silicone and top-notch TPE materials. We are glad for our clients’ fulfillment and involvement in our dolls. We suggest you visit us once, and after a single visit, you will get the idea of how to use this platform.


The website has a lot more for everyone, and many other products are used for cleaning purposes. That means, after using any of our products, you will need to clean the doll or cup so you can use it for different times. For your assistance, we are going to mention them one by one.

Tantaly Deluxe Sex Doll Care Kit:

  • Portable Sex Doll Washer:
  • Some details of the product:
  • Material: premium clinical silicone
  • Tip width: 0.5 inches
  • Absolute stature: 10.02”
  • Spout width: 0.7”
  • Width of the Faucet interface: 0.67.”
  • Insertable length: 5.51″

This bulb-molded Sex Doll Washer can give you an advantageous and productive cleaning experience. It is made of top-notch, versatile memory silicone material, which can be pressed over and over without disfigurement, non-poisonous and scentless. The convenient plan permits it to be utilized without being associated with the tap. By tenderly pressing it, water can be showered out from the four incredible splash gaps, in a split second, flushing sperm and lube out of the doll’s passages. This approach to clean the dolls all the more all together and adequately forestall bacterial buildups. The soft tip can shield the doll burrows from scratches. A massive limit configuration can hold 310 ml of fluid. Besides, the portioned plan makes it simpler to renew the fluid.

Tantaly Doll Storage Bag*1

  • Size: 29.5to 22.4 inches
  • Material: satin

If you need to keep your doll sheltered and perfect, at that point, you should not miss Tantaly Doll Storage Bag. However, this strong, breathable texture limits the entrance of dampness from outside and keeps the doll dry. The drawstring-planned doll pack not just keeps zipper’s sharp teeth from scratching your doll, yet also dust-evidence! What is more secure than placing your dearest doll in a sealable bag? All things considered, that is the place your dolls will probably invest the more significant part of her energy when you are not with her. Never stress over this stockpiling pack won’t fit your sex doll, after all, pull out all the stops or return home! As the lord of sex doll stockpiling sacks, Tantaly Doll Storage Bag can even oblige the life-size sex dolls, similar to Candice!

Drying Stick:

  • Length: 6.69”
  • Material: Diatomaceous Earth

The Tantaly Drying stick is a reusable stick that can be utilized to assimilate most dampness from your sex doll. It is made out of 100% diatomaceous earth. Its porous structure makes it remarkably fit to retain moisture without harming the material of your doll or representing a risk to your well-being. The Drying Stick will assimilate extra liquids and help stifle the development of microorganisms inside the doll and guarantee the male penis’ soundness.

Lube Applicator:

  • Material: ABS
  • Tip diameter: 0.5’’
  • Total length: 6.4’’

The lube implement can assist you in completing the job. This simple to-utilize, reusable lube implement puts the lube precisely where you need it. It conveys the ideal measure of lube. Not all that much, not very little. No wreck to tidy up anymore! The adjusted tip feels smooth on the dolls. There is no strong or left-over plastic at the end. It effectively embeds and won’t scratch your dearest doll.

Paloqueth 236ml Lube:

Utilizing lube with sex doll upgrades life span, yet it likewise lessens grating. Water-based greases are the most broadly used ointments, and they are uniquely planned for an absolutely familiar feel. So ensure you have a water based lube that is latex and silicone amicable and entirely sheltered. Along these lines, you will appreciate right without issues!

We use Paloqueth Lubricant, the star result of our parent organization brand, as our adornment. Paloqueth Lubricant has been available for a long time and has sold more than 400,000 jugs. The necessary fixings additionally make it a body-safe alternative for you: clear, unscented, flavorless, and without spermicide – the perfect recipe ever! Only a little measure of Paloqueth water-based lube goes far! That is the reason we straightforwardly picked it as our embellishment.

Probably the most significant advantage of utilizing water-based greases is that they are water-solvent. What’s more, water-based makes cleanup so a lot simpler because lube can be washed off your body or sheet easily. Utilizing lube can be a basic and straightforward approach to appreciate all the more fulfilling life: our oil is non-clingy and non oily, which is ideal for regular use. It remains set up where you need it, endures longer, and makes a more charming encounter!

Where to find it?

It’s only available in the United States.

  • The proportions of fixings utilized in Paloqueth grease water-based have been gone through streamlining with center around execution for the expected use.
  • Personal oil is enduring and not clingy and additionally shabby like most water-based lubes, yet thick enough, you get it where you need it.
  • PALOQUETH lube doesn’t have any unusual synthetic smell, and it doesn’t leave a light stain on garments or sheets.
  • Best quality at an unexpected cost. You can look into prices for other name brands; the more significant part is more costly for less lube.
  • Laboratory and Clinically Tested Each fixing is painstakingly picked to keep the sensitive pH equalization of the vagina unblemished while boosting close joy.

Tantaly Doll Cleaning And Drying Kit:

Material: ABS+ PVC

length: 5.90″

Complete hose length: 39.37″

Distance: 0.67″

The Tantaly Doll Washer is extraordinarily created for sex doll cleaning. With 14 sprinkling openings and an insertable length of 5.9 inches, the Tantaly Doll Washer has the solid capacity to flush water into the doll’s passages, in a flash, flushing sperm and lube out of the doll’s passages. This path is to clean dolls all the more completely and successfully forestall bacterial deposits. A controller at the interface can be balanced with the family tap’s size, reasonable for spigots with an outlet width of 0.67 inches.

Drying Stick:

  • Material: ABS+ PVC
  • Separation across of the Faucet interface: 0.67.”
  • Length of the hose: 39.37.”
  • Length: 5.90″

The Tantaly Doll Washer is exceptionally made for sex doll cleaning. With 14 sprinkling openings and an insertable length of 5.9 inches, the Tantaly Doll Washer has the strong ability to flush water into the doll’s sections, instantly washing sperm and lube out of the doll’s entries. This way makes cleaning dolls even more total and effectively hinders bacterial stores. There is a regulator at the interface, which can be offset with the family tap’s size, sensible for nozzles with an outlet width of 0.67 inches.

Moreover, you can also customize the Masturbation cup and other products of the company.

Where to order them?

Many people think that it is the thing that can be found easily, but it’s not like that. You need to order Tantaly’s products from the official website of the company. All you need to check the delivery option at your country before ordering the products as some of the Islamic countries may deny its export or import so, be careful while sending and place any order.

Moreover, check the price and make sure you are choosing the right product because it is not easy to reclaim the product and resend the other one. Therefore, we suggest filling all the details and double check the price and all so, you can provide the accurate information.

Payment method:

The company accepts all types of payment methods, and you can quickly pay the bill through credit cards. You need to pay the delivery charges once you place the order or for the international clients. There are no extra charges of delivery so, if the delivery agent asks for additional costs, don’t pay him additionally as the company never asks for such a favor. So be aware of them.

Long story short, every person in the world has different demands and needs, but when it comes to sexual and physical needs, the health and care aspects are also added. Although people prefer safe sex, you can’t be sure unless you do this exercise with your own partner. The partner on cash may carry any dangerous disease that makes you ill as well. So, in that case, sex toys come as the best solution. You can get extreme pleasure with them and clean them after every use.