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As Everything Unfolds Share New Single ‘Hiding From Myself’

Singer Charlotte Rolfe about the new song and the video: “With ‘Hiding From Myself’ we wanted to ensure our lyrical content encapsulated the atmosphere of the piece; the chaos, intensity and pace of the song directly relates with the feelings that ensue when battling your own self worth, whilst trying to come out stronger the other side. We are worth every breath we take, every person deserves to feel safe in their own head.

We felt like the single needed a relentless visual to compliment the dynamic ferocity of the song. We wanted chaotic and intense lighting, highlighting the disparity between the usually tranquil setting of a theatre; also utilising highly contrasting colourful visuals to cement the mania you can feel during such pressuring times.”

Sa-Roc Drops “r(E)volution” Single & Music Video

Today, Sa-Roc releases “r(E)volution,” a powerful new music video and harbinger of her Rhymesayers Entertainment debut album, The Sharecropper’s Daughter. Produced by Sol Messiah, “r(E)volution” is an anthem of hope and resistance that speaks of the inevitable change that happens when people understand their power and potential. The music video, directed by Tommy Nova, features scenes from protests across the country as a backdrop to Sa-Roc’s rallying cry:

I don’t know what you might’ve heard, but we ain’t going nowhere but up
Got a whole squad dressed in all black, got the streets on notice–what up?
They want us in the same place ain’t nobody ever gonna really change nothing but us
Hello, this is revolution get on up


“Run,” the debut single from Atlanta-based Sonic Rebel, is out today. Listen HERE. The track is from Sonic Rebel’s five-song, debut EP, We Made This With Our Hands, which will be released in early 2021. Sonic Rebel is the new project from Atlanta-based drummer/music industry vet Tammy Hurt and features Grouplove’s Dan Gleason and Ben Homola, engineer TJ Elias and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Spencer. It’s a progressive, multi-dimensional collaboration yielding hybrid tracks that can stand alone, be used for live mashup performances or remixed into other music.

Ane Brun debuts “We Need A Mother” track

Brun explains the track is “a result of my own thoughts and frustrations about the state of the world that I carry with me in my daily life.” The inspiration came from a corporate business conference Brun attended, as she describes, “In the opening speech, the importance of climate action and sustainability was emphasized, but then they chose to end the night with enormous and loud fireworks, costing millions, exploding over the water…I remember feeling so frustrated, provoked and upset, and when I woke up the next day I wrote this song.”

Sir Sly Releases New Single

Sir Sly lead singer and guitarist Landon Jacobs said of the track, “When I lost my faith at 22, I figured it was the end of any kind of spiritual life for me. I now believe spirituality to simply be a process of becoming comfortable with unknowing. I wrote the lyrics to “Material Boy” about feeling free to explore spirituality outside of the bounds of my childhood faith. I stopped drinking 2 years ago, and this song is about how I’ve learned to cope with life without the familiar escape of getting drunk. It’s a song to dance to, and I hope it can give others a sense of relief the way it has for me.”

Detroit’s Boys Of Fall Releasing New Album ‘Distance’ On November 20, 2020

Detroit quintet Boys Of Fall will be releasing their label sophomore album “Distance” via InVogue Records on November 20, 2020. The album will feature 10 new singles that will catch your attention from the first note.

Vocalist Michael Martenson says, “Distance was such a different experience and journey than I ever would have imagined going into an album. Every band progresses and changes over time and we all collectively felt like this was the album we were supposed to make all these years. It blends the catchiness and grooviness we’ve always tried to capture while diving more into our heavier/emotional roots. Distance really talks about change. The lengths we travel in our lives through so many situations that bring you to where you are now. It’s very personal to all of us and was the most honest expression of who we are as a band today.”

Rising artist Kathleen shares new track “Dark Side of the Moon” from Kathleen II EP out October 9

“I wrote most of ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ on my drive back from LA to Colorado during the beginning of quarantine,” Kathleen says. “I drove alone, car packed up with my most precious books and journals and instruments cause I didn’t know when I’d be back. The highways were almost totally empty except for Walmart trucks and Amazon trucks and other little cars like mine, packed to the roof and all with license plates from different states. It was so subtle, but the more I noticed, the more we all looked like little ants returning to our primary nests. I became overwhelmed with the idea that this was the first time in recent history when we’ve had a mass migration home.”

Scintillating Singer/Songwriter PSYCLO Releases Outlandish New Single “Los Angeles”

Born in Shenyang, China and now based in Los Angeles, singer/songwriter Psyclo has made a name for herself with her ‘fuck the rules’ attitude and her unmistakable sound – a truly innovative amalgam of pop and hip-hop.

Psyclo has already released two highly acclaimed singles this year, “Watch Me” and “The 18th Floor in Hell.”

LEISURE Share “Lonely Nights” From Upcoming EP ‘Side A’ (Out October 30)      

Acclaimed New Zealand five-piece LEISURE have unveiled their brand new single “Lonely Nights” from their upcoming EP Side A (out October 30 via Nettwerk Records).

Centered around funk-laden guitars and vocals, “Lonely Nights” channels the kind of smooth, lounge music vibe that the group has made their own over the past few years. It’s accompanied by a slick, psychedelic video, showing animated versions of each member enjoying the most relaxed of boat journeys down the River Seine in Paris, that perfectly captures the blissed-out vibe of the track.


Royal & The Serpent (Ryan Santiago) made her debut in 2017, earning acclaim for a series of self-released singles such as “MMXX,” “Salvador Dali,” and “Bad Bad Blood”, which was featured in the Season 6 trailer for ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder. “With boundary pushing lyrics and palpable energy, she has an onstage spirit that has fans referring to her as ‘Lady Cobain,'” wrote Ones To Watch. “The duality she expresses makes her both relatable and captivating, as she unapologetically shares a full spectrum of experience, from royal soul to luring serpent. Royal delivers the perfect combination of funk and grace in a sweet sound rich with hypnotic melodies.”

Mechanicsburg, PA Alt-Rockers Observe The 93rd Debut Harrowing New Music Video “Hymn”

Observe the 93rd is an alternative rock band from Mechanicsburg, PA. The band is comprised of vocalist/guitarist Derek Henry and drummer Dylan Zepp. Their focus will always be raw, authentic expression. Their songs are guided by a feeling, an idea, an experience, failure, triumph, suffering, joy…any abstract internal entity that yearns to be externalized.

Introducing Jordan Dennis

Jordan Dennis first emerged as the frontman for the soulful, hip-hop inspired collective Billy Davis, whose 2017 album Family Portrait featured the likes of Denzel Curry and saw praise from OkayPlayer, DJ Booth, among others. A master at weaving multiple genres into his craft, Dennis’s solo career took off in 2018 where he has since seamlessly bounced between smooth neo-soul, spitfire rhymes, and glossy precision-cut wordplay invoking the style of JID, Kenny Mason, Mick Jenkins, and building a loyal fanbase along the way. Dennis’s sharp-witted verses have also appeared on tracks produced by UNO Stereo, Dugong Jr, and more.

CAMÍNA shares hypnotic Latin trip-hop single “Forever and Always”

The new single deeply focuses on the love and loss root of the album. “Forever and Always” is a hypnotic, electronic-infused trip-hop track with Latin influenced rhythms. CAMÍNA reminiscences about the time spent with those in her life who passed away over crackling organs and thumping bass. It’s a plea to the departed, begging them to know how much they are loved.

A. Swayze & the Ghosts share video for “Evil Eyes”

Ivy League Records is elated to release A. Swayze & the Ghosts’ wildly anticipated debut album Paid Salvation – a refreshingly real breath of fresh air, one that restores your faith in the incendiary, uplifting and subversive power of punk rock. To coincide with the release, the band have dropped the video for their gloriously punchy new single Evil Eyes.

Rising Danish artist Emi Wes’ debut single “Issues” premieres on FLOOD Magazine

Of the song, Wes explains, “Over the years, these have been the lines of my life. It’s really about not being frightened of appearing vulnerable.” She continues, “The instrumentals, the strings and Robin’s chords just gave me the words to a feeling I had in me. I guess it was also important for me to address that I have issues too, because we all do. Sometimes saying it loud makes it more okay. For me it’s a sign of strength being able to say the less pretty out loud.”

Emi Wes Introduces Herself With the Introspective “Issues”

Tdot illdude Releases “Sky Is Falling” Track/Video Today

Enigmatic creative, Tdot illdude released his new single and video “Sky Is Falling” today. On the new release, Tdot offers a pointed commentary on the state of our existence, underscoring the art-house inspired visual premiered via Philadelphia staple, HipHopSince1987, who championed Tdot early in his career. “Any fool can be happy,” says Tdot, on the new single, “It takes a man with a real heart to make beauty out of the stuff that makes us weep.”

Brennen Leigh Releases ‘Prairie Love Letter’

The state line between Minnesota and North Dakota is an area not often immortalized in song—until Brennen Leigh’s concept record, Prairie Love Letter. Out today, Prairie Love Letter is an ode to where Leigh grew up, offering a wide range of vibrant character sketches and vivid descriptions of the dynamic landscape of her beloved prairie.

The Nashville-based songwriter, guitar player, mandolin player and singer worked with producer Robbie Fulks on the record, recorded primarily in Nashville with players including Jenee Fleenor, Tim O’Brien, Noel McKay, and Alison Brown, among others. Prairie Love Letter has received early attention from Rolling Stone Country and the Nashville Scene, as well as Americana Highways, which noted: “Even if it’s an area you’ve not been to, [Leigh’s] absolute commitment to her songs, and to her home, will drop you straight onto the edge of America’s Great Plains.”

Emi Jeen Drops New Single “Holy Water”

Emi Jeen just released the second single, “Holy Water,” from her upcoming EP named The Other Side coming in late October. The perfect breakup song about what happens when one person loves the other more, it would be great if you could feature “Holy Water” at Skope Magazine!


The Jacks knew the road would be long when they decided to pursue their rock ‘n’ roll dream. So when lockdowns, shutdowns and closures derailed their national tour — including a performance at SXSW — just after the March 6 debut of their second EP, Remember You (EDGEOUT Records/UMe), Jonny Stanback (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Tom Hunter (lead guitar, vocals), Scott Stone (bass guitar, vocals) and Josh Roossin (drums/percussion) forged their own path to navigate these historic times.

Luke Combs’ new song “Without You” featuring Amanda Shires debuts today

In addition to “Without You,” the extended album will feature all 18 songs from Combs’ platinum-certified, global #1 record, What You See Is What You Get, as well as new tracks “Cold As You,” “The Other Guy,” “My Kinda Folk” and “Forever After All.” Co-produced by Combs, Chip Matthews and Jonathan Singleton, the five new songs were recorded at Nashville’s Sound Stage Studios.


Rapper/songwriter Brutini releases his highly-anticipated debut album Drippamphetamine. The album boasts 28 hard-hitting tracks, including previously released songs “Bogotá,” “Groovey Lit” with Young Paris and “Ghetto Town” feat. kahGEE. The LP features conglomerate songs with DJ ” O” THE TALK ABOUT, kahGEE, Young Paris, Seppe, Slk Ez, Moretti, BandCampPdot and Jay’More and production from Brutini, Buck300, Kyres Beats, Level Beats and Rocklofty Beats.

Sola ‘White Space’

‘White Space’ was inspired after Sola observed the role of female characters in Nollywood movies, whilst the piano melody was inspired by Bill Evans. Speaking on the release, Sola said: “I wrote this song after binging Nollywood movies. The female protagonists are often quite psycho and go through extreme lengths to punish their unfaithful lovers. They usually end up poisoning them dead (I don’t reach that level of crazy in the song but I’m embracing the chaotic energy haha). The “space between” vocal sample comes from another song I wrote and ended up fusing together with this song.”


Today, GRAMMY® Award-nominated, multiplatinum Washington, DC rapper Shy Glizzy unveils his highly anticipated new 18-track project, Young Jefe 3.