Converting songs into lyrics, Karaoke and Chords made easy

When it comes to practicing English songs in your own language there happens to be a lot of restrictions around the internet, you can’t possibly find a website that deals with the conversions of the songs into your own language and even if you have some service that does so, it is not accurate enough. Music enthusiasts, people who absolutely love karaoke, and those who simply want a version of the song translated into their own language are kind of left out, but wait! If you happen to be someone who is not well acquainted with the English language and want your songs translated into your own local language then there are services or a specific service that can get it done for you. Have an elegant version of the song Monsters or any other that you want.

It is an online service that allows you to translate any song into your local language, most promisingly it supports the context of the Vietnamese language but if you want a version of the music into your own language then it can also get it done for you.

Lyrics+Chords (you get it all)

It is an incredible tool, to begin with, you get to transfer all of your songs into lyrics and chords if you like, this way you will have a subtle interpretation of all the songs that you like. If you want to do karaoke then you would get a long list of lyrics to get it done for you, you can mumble the lyrics silently or get a mic and have a go at it. OR if you like to take the songs to your instrument, the one that you usually like to play then you will have chords of the song laid out for you. Print out the sheet or keep the screen in front of you and play along with the melodic tunes of the song that you have selected.

Precise UI and convenient settings

You might be thinking that such a tool might come up with complex UI or settings that are either hidden or not perfectly laid out for the user to wrap their head around. But this incredible free tool is nothing like it, it offers a simple UI that is easier to navigate and extremely potent to deal with. All you have to do is select the song that you want the lyrics to, click on the convert button and it will split the song into its distinct parts such as lyrics, chords, and a YouTube karaoke version too. You can either have the songs downloaded on your device and then uploaded to the tool or simply copy and paste the YouTube URL to do so. Such as copy the URL for the song it’s not Goodbye and have a splash.

The conversion only takes a few seconds and you will get what you want in a matter of moments, also the settings are also quite fine and simply laid in there. You can find the current language that your song is in and from the other side choose the very language that you want to convert into it, make your selection, hit convert, sit back and relax the tool will take care of everything for you without any added stress.