How To Find New Music?

Before you start looking for new music, it can be helpful to start with the performers you already like. Discover Weekly offers a release radar that offers you new music from your favorite artists.

Spotify has developed a feature that lets you check if an artist already resembles an artist you like, which is useful when trying to discover new music. In Spotify Player, you can enter your favorite artist in the search bar, click on the “Favorite Artists” page, and then click through to the list of artists.

Scroll through the various subsections and you will find all sorts of thematic Spotify playlists. Highlights of the start page (pictured above) include a playlist created for a particular genre that Spotify knows you like, as well as newly released music from artists you like, and playlist music that resembles a handmade playlist. If you’re actively looking for fresh artists to refresh your music library, don’t sit around and look for related or already known artists and see what comes out. Spotify mixes daily, so If you have a list of artists you often hear or already hear, it’s a great place to start.

Apple Music also does a great job of updating its carefully curated playlists regularly with new tunes. You can follow artists and friends on the app to get notifications of what they’re hearing in real-time.
This app allows you to continue listening to music for free, but not to select individual songs. They will simply shuffle through entire albums or playlists, which could make it difficult to discover new music.

You have the opportunity to curate your moods and playlists and have access to a wide range of music from all kinds of artists and genres.

There is also a radio show that creates radio stations for certain artists that are filled with related artists and songs related to them.

If you are looking for new bands that have a style similar to the music you are currently listening to, BandNext is your partner in crime. On this page, you can see a list of albums you have listened to recently, as well as related albums from the last few months.

It’s easy to get lost in the search for new artists on BandNext’s Discover page, but it’s full of all kinds of great music. Check out the hottest artists, listen to their tracks, see similar artists, and highlight your favorites.

If you’ve never bothered to look at some of the bigger names, you can add up to thirty new songs to your playlist every week. When you visit Discover Weekly, I recommend you give them a circle to click on if you like a song, if you love it or not, or if it annoys you. This will help them Fine-tuning What interests you, as well as highlight songs you may never have heard of.

Bandcamp is a little known service used mainly by artists to promote their songs. The app has a music feed that shows you songs, albums, and genres that follow you, which is great if you’ve found music that suits your taste. One of the best ways to search for new music recommendations is to go to the Weekly Playlists section, where you can do that if you want to have a hand-curated playlist for this week.

With Deezer, you can search by genre, select a playlist for your mood, listen to songs from your collection, listen to live radio, and much more.

Whether you’re using Bandcamp, SoundCloud or Spotify, follow the tips above to find new music, and before you know it, discover it in your favorite genres every day. The more new music you find and listen to, the easier it is for you to find and find more of it. Dive into different genres, meet new artists, find new favorite songs, and find new favorite songs.