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New Liam Bailey Single “Angel Dust”

Liam Bailey drops Angel Dust, the second single from his forthcoming album Ekundayo. A stripped-down tune with 80s reggae flourishes, infectious melodies, and a bouncing bassline sure to have heads nodding.

Bailey tells the tale of his experience with a woman who is as irresistible as she is unavailable. The chorus embodies the age old conflict, “She said she’s gonna leave me, leave me for herself. She said she’s gonna free me, to fuck with someone else.”

Liam Bailey Shares “Angel Dust” Single


The story told by acclaimed Israeli progressive/symphonic metal band SCARDUST in last week’s music video for “Tantibus II” is continued in their new music video for “Addicted,” the second single from their upcoming concept album, “Strangers,” which is set to be released on Oct. 30 via M-Theory Audio.


“Many of the great rappers have done and/or sold cocaine,” Murs says. “Hip hop culture is all about expression and freedom. So if you’ve walked the walk, by all means talk the talk. This song is speaking to those fabricating a criminal past for clout. When I got the beat for Sir Veterano. I felt it was the perfect canvas on which it paint this message.” The Gathering is out now on Fresh Yard Records.

New video! Steven G “Blue Hunnads”

LA singer and rapper Steven G releases the video for his track “Blue Hunnads” – directed by Richy Films (Usher, Travis Barker, J. Balvin, Tyga). The track is featured on his new EP, ShowGreat University, which came out last week.

beabadoobee Releases Video For “Worth It”

In the cinematic “Worth It” video, Bea appears hidden away in a dank and rundown motel room, as she captures the emotions of letting go of the nostalgic sentiments and mistakes that still haunt us from a previous time in our life. Flickering with brazen ambience, grunge-inspired 90’s-era guitar, the song, which received praise from Paper, Teen Vogue, NPR, Consequence of Sound, Stereogum, Uproxx and others, is written “simply about teenage infidelity” Bea admits, “and the mistakes one can make when they’re tempted to do things. It’s a bit of a confession song but also an understanding that it’s a part of life.”

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) Picks Up Eric Zayne’s New Song, “Coming Undone”, to Lead his Under Armour Campaign!

Eric Zayne’s new single “Coming Undone” has been selected by Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” as the lead song for his new clothing collaboration with Under Armour #ProjectRock and is quickly gaining momentum on Spotify.

The song was produced, performed and written by Zayne alongside close friends and co-writers, Naz Tokio and Lauren Hashian.

AUGUST 08 + Barney Bones Make Directorial Debut With ‘Bussdown Your Soul’ Video via 88rising

Emotionally and melodically rich, “Bussdown Your Soul (feat Barney Bones)” is a genre-fluid track mingling menace with sorrow and placing AUGUST 08’s strength as a songwriter on full display through his unorthodox musical choices. Over throbbing sub-bass, ricocheting percussion and contemplative piano rounding out the background, AUGUST 08 croons about how materialism and the trappings of a superficial lifestyle damage the soul and hollow out your inner life. As he twists his vocals over the tortured, drawn-out syllables of “soul” in the chorus, AUGUST 08’s delivers a powerful, emotive performance.


Platinum crossover electronic artist and producer/DJ ILLENIUM has released the highly anticipated video for his single “Nightlight”. The single is his first release via his recent partnership with 12Tone Music, led by industry veterans Doug Morris and Steve Bartels and has over 3M global streams in the first week of release and over 4.5M collective streams to date. Currently the song is the #1 gainer at dance radio. Of the video directed by Najeeb Tarazi, ILLENIUM states “This music video means a lot to me because I feel like it’s the beginning of a new chapter and the start of a story that will continue to unfold through my music.”

Everyone Is Dirty Shares Bombastic Single “Paper Cutout”

Amidst a shelter-in-place and a new normal, a new Everyone Is Dirty album is brewing. The album’s first single & video is “Paper Cutout,” a pop art painting with scan lines that moves to a summer jam turned summer nightmare- it could only have happened in 2020.

If you didn’t know, before Shelter in Space 2020, Everyone is Dirty played a lot of high-energy rock shows in the Bay Area. Once you get hooked on that electric violin, blissful vocal harmony and electric bass percussion rumble that’ll be it.

G59’s Germ Wakes, Bakes, and Hops in a Rolls in “Walked In” Video

Delivering his rhymes a piercing voice and a fiery intensity, Atlanta’s Germ is a natural born spitter. Walking us through an action-packed day in his life, Germ shares “Walked In,” his latest video. Produced by Budd Dwyer (aka Scrim from $uicideboy$), “Walked In” finds Germ weaving his way between single-note piano creeps and thumping 808s at lightning speed, as he artfully explains how he’s had the sauce since birth: “Ever since I could remember, I was yea tall, pushing babies over/Gucci baby stroller, Haiti baby poet, smooth talker since a toddler/Why bother f*cking with me, I was born already done with college/I’m a f*cking scholar and a f*cking doctor.” In the video, Germ wakes up, brushes his teeth, hops in his Rolls Royce with some G59 associates, and heads to a weed growing facility to have his pick of the region’s finest bud. “Walked In” follows Germ’s recent videos for “7 Hunna Horses” and “Cookies,” which boasts an official video and a thrilling animé visualizer (over 600k combined views).

Nario Da Don – “Houdini” (Lyric Video)

Out Today Features Populous x Sotomayor “Soy Lo Que Soy”

The new video for “Soy lo que soy,” a song off Populous newest album ‘W’ out now with Wonderwheel, is directed by Silvia Maggi, an Italian documentary filmmaker based in Berlin. Silvia Maggi is known for her stories that capture and shine a light on queer people and underground communities, and portray possible scenarios of non-normative lives that too often remain underground.

In “Soy Lo Que Soy” music video, several 4-second video portraits are woven together showcasing the people here “are what they are,” regardless of their job and social context; and show their pride in front of the camera. They seem to look at you and say: “Look, I’m fabulous!,” giving us a glimpse into the diversity within queer communities between Berlin and Italy.

Carolina Story Receives Critical Acclaim For Sophomore Release “Dandelion”

Carolina Story’s celebrated sophomore album Dandelion released earlier this month (September 4) via Black River Americana, garnering widespread acclaim from press including Billboard, The Bluegrass Situation, Parade, American Songwriter and more. Featuring the gorgeous harmonies of husband and wife duo Ben and Emily Roberts, Dandelion finds the pair emerging from a period of significant artistic and personal growth as they deliver their most personal work to date. The album has received airplay on BBC’s The Country Show with Bob Harris and BBC Radio Sheffield’s New Traditions with Greg Russell, and was recently featured on NPR’s All Songs Considered, with Ann Powers calling it “a beautiful, uplifting record” and Stephen Thompson saying “These songs are right in this kind of earnest, uplifting sweet spot, kind of somewhere between The Civil Wars and The Lone Bellow…this record really felt like comfort food to me in the best possible way.”


Since emerging in 2009, YG has projected the voice of the streets into the mainstream and ultimately left a mark as a rapper, actor, entrepreneur, designer, and philanthropist. The Compton native has gathered nearly 10 billion streams, a dozen platinum and gold certifications, and various honors. He’s the rare maverick who can stand arm-in-arm with protestors one day, appear on-screen next to an Academy® Award winner the next day, and preside over a fashion runway on another day. He has landed four consecutive Top 10 debuts on the Billboard Top 200. Among numerous anthems with social implications, Billboard christened the politically charged “FDT” [feat. Nipsey Hussle] one of the “Songs That Defined the Decade.” In 2020, he fought back again with the anti-racist screed “FTP” and its music video of which Variety claimed, “If there’s a music video that captures the Black Lives Matter demonstra­tions of June 2020, it’s YG’s ‘FTP’.” He accompanied the reunited Public Enemy and an all-star cast of collaborators for a show-stopping performance of “Fight The Power” at the BET Awards in 2020.

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Josh Tavares Shares Alt-Pop Video + Single “Cheap Gold”

Toronto-based alt-pop artist Josh Tavares began experimenting with original music at an early age, picking up the guitar when he was 10 and begging his teachers to perform his new songs in front of the class any chance he got.

“Cheap Gold,” the lead single from Josh’s forthcoming sophomore project, is about a relationship gone sour. What was once shiny and new is now a chore.

Circle the Earth has a new single and video out called “Could Be You”

Los Angeles pop-rock band Circle the Earth have released their new single, “Could Be You.” The energetic track encourages listeners to let loose and take a break from a routine life. “Could Be You” is indicative of the cheerful and exciting feelings Circle the Earth aims to foster in its listeners. The lively beat and vocals generate an authentic, feel-good song. “Could Be You” was inspired by a memorable, bold night out lead vocalist, Khadia Handon, had while living in Cuernavaca, Mexico. “Normally, I tend to worry that if I let loose too much that something bad or unsafe can happen, so I try to play life more on the safe side. However, this night, I buried that person inside and let the riskier side of me come out to play,” explains Handon.

Australian Progressive Metal Band Release New Video/Single Hollow

Australian Progressive Metal Band IRONSTONE releases Hollow. They state: “We’re thrilled to present ‘Hollow’, the third single from our debut EP, Prophecy. The song addresses one of the largest challenges facing our generation today… the state of the Earth’s ecology. This topic evokes a range of emotions, from anger and despair through to disbelief and sadness. Despite this, Hollow is about hope and the part we need to play in affecting our future for the better.”

GATECLOSER New Official Video For ‘Bury Him Alive’

Thrash metal group Gatecloser have released their first official video for Bury Him Alive, taken from their debut conceptual album From The Wasteland, which is out on Sep 22nd via Sliptrick Records. Here’s the bands synopsis of the track; “Bury Him Alive is the third track of the album From The Wasteland. The song tells about a suffering man in front of a huge crowd during his own execution after being arrested. His story is very sad, he’s always been a nice and kind average man living his life until he met two thugs pretending to be his friends. After he was got to commit crimes with them he get caught, arrested and used as a scapegoat for the other two guys’ crimes. People in the crowd don’t know him and his faults but still they yell shameful words against him, his fake friends are within it. However Time, who watches all, has plans for them.”

LEDFOOT & RONNI LE TEKRØ Release ‘Shut Up’ Music Video

Rock duo Ledfoot & Ronni Le Tekrø have released a new music video for ‘Shut Up’, the song is taken from their new album “A Death Divine”, which will be out on October 2nd, 2020 via TBC Records.

SCARDUST Release ‘Addicted’ Music Video

“In Tantibus II we met the one who decided to disconnect from reality into her own mind, and now in Addicted we find that there is someone who cares about her. She tries to show her the meaning of addiction, and explain to her that she is running away instead of facing reality. This video shows us the passage between the worlds of reality and addiction. The character in Addicted can walk freely between those worlds, she is neither stuck nor fighting to get out. The choir represents the way out, and the string quartet represents the way in.”

Kasbo drops double-single ‘Staying In Love’ / ‘Skogsrå’

His third release in quick succession, Swedish electronic artist Kasbo has unveiled double-single ‘Staying In Love’ / ‘Skogsrå’, out 16th September.

Underpinned by the engrossing vocals of fellow Swedish artist Nea, ‘Staying In Love’ is a modern electronic track that melds breakbeats and EDM elements into something with serious crossover appeal.

Maths Time Joy // ‘Real Deal Stripped’ Feat. Sinead Harnett & J Warner

London based polymath Maths Time Joy unveils the beautiful rework of his latest single ‘Real Deal’. The stripped-back version offers an intimate take on the immaculate release which showcases the gorgeous dual vocals of Sinead Harnett and J Warner.

Fancy Hagood Shares New Track & Lyric Video For “Another Lover Says”

“Another Lover Says” brims with infectious hooks and a playful groove. Fancy’s soulful and warm vocals shine throughout the track, backed by rich arrangements reminiscent of 70’s FM radio, yet refreshingly contemporary. Lyrically, the song represents the turning of tables from someone used to getting their heart broken, to the one walking away. He sings, “come a little bit closer… no don’t you cry. I won’t give you forever, but I’ll give you all night… Smile every time another lover says goodbye… “