Thomas Stajcer asks: “Who Will Listen To Country Music When Trucks Drive Themselves?”…stream the new single today

In an era of artificial intelligence and vehicular automation, award-winning country artist Thomas Stajcer returns with a burning philosophical question: “Who Will Listen To Country Music When Trucks Drive Themselves?”

“The world sure is changing fast / Some say for the best /
But who will listen to country music when trucks drive themselves?”

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Anchored in the rich tradition of story songs, Stajcer’s latest paints a vivid picture. Opening on a lonesome hitchhiker thumbing his way down the road, the song’s narrator continually confronts the new realities of an ever-changing world. From the roadhouse to the ride-on mower, he doesn’t dwell on simply pining for the ‘good ol’ days.’ Instead, he opts to tackle existential questions that lay beneath the surface.

Recalling the husky voice and honky tonk sway of artists such as Sturgill Simpson, Waylon Jennings, Colter Wall, and Marty Stuart, Stajcer injects the song – co-written by Mike T. Kerr – with a sophisticated degree of old school country licks, key changes, and a tongue placed firmly in cheek.