@skopemag Q&A Featuring Boston-based Music Ministry – The Movement, Featuring Reverend Willie Wiggins, Jr.

A good Monday to all here @skopemag. We were so anxious to post this next Q&A as it really will hit home for so many considering what is going on today. We are honored to host The Movement, Featuring Reverend Willie Wiggins, Jr. Rev. Willie is originally from Boston, Massachusetts and is a spiritually gifted Man of GOD who wears many hats from musician, Minister, author, and motivational speaker, teaching and convincing the youths, and young adults how to overcome all obstacles in their path and improve their quality of life. Being that @skopemag covers music and culture. it is fitting to jump right in and learn how The Movement is forcing change for both. Also be sure to check out the video/single for “Thou Shall Not Kill” – powerful message. It should be noted that this Q&A was answered by Rev. Willie Wiggins and band member Ebonics.

@skopemag: Where are we talking from today and how has the Summer of 2020 been for you?

TM: Peace and blessings to you; We have to adjust to the changing times and principles of this changing world. We are living in a dangerous time in which history is repeating itself. Racism still exist and is at a high, Sickness and decease has plague this earth, an all-time high corrupt government and law enforcement is spreading upon America. I believe that this is all a result of Satan whose job is to separate us as American’s and from every culture of the world. Satan wants to destroy and conquer, but we must trust in GOD and believe that HE is still in control. UNITED WE WILL STAND, DIVIDED WE WILL FALL!

I am a 2020 graduate from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary with a Master’s Degree in Urban Community Leadership and Psychology. Covid-19 kept me from walking across the stage in a real graduation ceremony. And it has kept us all from celebrating life with our family and friends. The world has been shut down, but I hear the voice of the LORD telling us to be quiet and still and know that HE is GOD! We must encourage one another daily and help one another to overcome this test of time.

E: Each member of the Movement: Life has changed as we know it. From Covid-19, police brutality, politics, religion. Everything has shifted. Just keeping a positive attitude, and looking at the brighter side of things have kept my sanity.

@skopemag: The Movement, Featuring Reverend Willie Wiggins, Jr. is so timely right now – have you been preparing for this moment and how do you plan to seize it?

TM: GOD has preserved me for this time of my life right now in which HE is using me to help others. I experience severe racism, deadly illnesses, lived through hurricanes in which many people were killed in my neighborhood, I have walked through the valley of the shadow of death and I fear no evil! This is a time in which I am using music (our song “THOU SHALL NOT KILL)” and my non-profit organization the Strong Roots Youth Foundation to help other’s to rise superior to the trials of life and overcome all obstacles in their path. THE MOVEMENT is here to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Spread JOY upon the world.

E: Each member of the Movement: Been preparing for the past 20 years for this type of expose. It’s just destiny how it finally came together right now. Carpe Diem, we will seize this moment because we were destined too!!!!

@skopemag: At what point did you decide to get involved in music and how did your impressive education help to enhance your music ability?

TM: When I was a child my mother brought me and my 4 brothers instruments but my brothers didn’t learn to play those instruments. But I would stay in the attic of our house and spend countless of hours learning to play 5 different instruments. It came natural to me and I’ve always knew that this time would come. Through education, I gained knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding; Spiritually, Psychologically, Sociologically, and Politically. My education also helped to enhance my writing and speaking skills which enable me to write songs, poetry, books, and sermons.

E: Each member of the Movement: I’ve always been an artist, and in love with poetry and hip hop. I believe in the years of crafting our art, has enabled us to reach such heights.

@skopemag: I really love how your music is positive and speaks on real issues, what effect does certain genres of music have on kids with
lyrics that are based on the street life of violence, drugs, materialism, etc?

TM: Youths but not only youths but even adults are influence by the music culture of today. When a youth hears a song it has a great influence on their behavior, and the way they think. That’s why I write positive music that will influence them in a positive way. But when they hear thuggish music with lyrics that glorify the life of a drug dealer, pimp, or street hustler it is negative and they tend to try to live out the fantasy having money, sex, drugs, and materialistic wealth. It don’t matter what genres of music it is, it’s the words that speak life or death into a person.

E: Each member of the Movement: Some of us have let music become our parents. I mean in the hoods we have no resources and most of the time no parents. So once we let the music begin to lead us then we become the music. We start to sell drugs, kill, steal and all types of wickedness. It’s a cycle we are trying to break!!!

@skopemag: I work and used to live in Boston, in terms of equality & race how do you see this city and what does it do well and can improve on as well?

TM: Boston has made great strides, but we still have a long way to go. Racism still exist, and we are still separated as a people. Black people but not only black people have to work harder for freedom, justice and equality in the workplace, schools, law, and in our communities. We have to unite as one to achieve the common goal of Equality for GOD made all man equal.

E: Each member of the Movement: This city has been re-gentrified a number of times. They don’t give us an opportunity to buy properties. They.. meaning the people in power with the money. We are fighting back, teaching kids financial freedoms, tech, real estate and etc. That’s how we win are city back by teaching the young early……

@skopemag: I love the new video for “Thou Shall Not Kill”, how did this song come to be and what is the message you are trying to express?

TM: Last year as more and more young blacks were killing each other in their own communities I really wanted to do something different to make a difference. Then a pattern of police brutally started showing up and racism became more and more apparent in the US. I developed a vision and received divine inspiration to write this song. I put together a beat but I’m old school so I contracted my younger friend producer Dee Brown and asked him to work with me to create the beat for the song. I wanted to use it and promote it through my non-profit organization ‘THE STRONG ROOTS YOUTH FOUNDATION”. The purpose is to help bring people of all walks of life, race, and culture together for the good of mankind. The message is that we must STOP THE KILLINGS, STOP THE VIOLENCE, STOP RACISM, STOP POLICE BRUTALITY.

@skopemag: You are the leader of The Movement but you collaborate with Jean Clay, Dee Brown & Ebonics. How did you all find each other and know you had synergy in music?

TM: Dee Brown is my ex-wife’s son, Eric-Ebonics is my nephew, and I met Jean Clay at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. We all had experienced the street life to various degrees and we all found our way to GOD through life-changing experiences. Our vibe and synergy came naturally as we connected as more then family and friends but as brothers-in-Christ.

@skopemag: When you encounter a youth that is really struggling and losing hope, what is your approach to help them and get them back in the game?

TM: We have to meet them where they are at mentally. I engage youth on the streets of Boston on a regular basis and offer them another way of life by using my life and a living testimony. I let them know that I was once where they are at and if I can change then anyone can change. The Hip Hop and pop culture has influenced youths tremendously and now I am able to offer them a chance to express themselves through music and video which is another project that I will be working on.

@skopemag: You are an author, reverend, musician, scholar, how do you have time to create music and take a break for personal hobbies?

TM: When you love what you do it is not a burden or stressful to do it. Some people watch TV all night and some party all night. I make music, and write books and sermons and I love what I do. Helping others is what inspires me and GOD is my guiding source of it all.

@skopemag: What is coming up for The Movement and where can we follow you via socials?

TM: We are working on an album and each of us “Dee Brown, Jean Clay, Ebonics, and myself (Rev Willie) will have singles off the album. You can follow us on:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Reverendwillie.wiggins
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/strongroots.youthfoundation
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/StrongRootsSavingYouth

Twitter – https://twitter.com/RevOgWillieJ

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/deebrizzle07/

AppleMusic – https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewMultiRoom?fcId=1477166064&ls=1&app=music