Sangeeta Kaur Presents New Album ‘ILLUMINANCE’

A silky-smooth voice rests in the very center of Sangeeta Kaur’s ethereal “Illuminance”. Her breathy vocals have an angelic quality to them while they unfurl at their own pace. Quite operatic in their cadence the ambient classical bliss works wonders in creating a fully soothing sound. So reassuring the way the action ebbs and flows gives the album a living, breathing quality. Flourishes matter a great deal for the small touches add to the overall heft of the sound. Melodically rich the evolution of the sound and texture matters a great deal. Within these tracks, small symphonies rise up. Each piece becomes a part of an ever-greater whole. Best taken in as a whole the consistency of the approach further adds to its magical allure.

Setting the tone for what follows is the beautiful “All My Love”. Rich tapestries of sound emerge on the yearning quality of the title track “Illuminance”. The gentle crescendos of “Light of Love” feel so brilliant, as her voice wafts up into the heavens with such tremendous ease. A playful glow rests at the very heart of “Path of Light”. Easily the highlight of the album, a pastoral bliss permeates its entirety. Poetry defines the spirited adventure of “Come and Find Me”. Fragile melodies flourish throughout “Stardust”. Nicely bringing everything to a close is the togetherness of the finale “Dedication”.

“Illuminance” shows off the impressive skill of Sangetta Kaur in delivering something so quiet yet so powerful.

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