Elohim Returns With New Single and Video, ‘I’m Lost.’

Los Angeles artist, producer and songwriter Elohim returns with her epic and trippy new single ‘I’m Lost,’accompanied with the equally mind-bending Chase O’Black-directed official music video, also out today.

Sometimes it takes being lost to find your true self. For Elohim, her soul-searching quest culminated in her most self-assured material to date. Much like Björk and Radiohead, whose experimental sounds inspired Elohim to teach herself production at a young age, she incorporates such orchestral touches and sonic explorations to shape her moods, in her latest single ‘I’m Lost.’ A testament to admitting and accepting a situation in order to move forward, the track also captures the pure joy Elohim experienced in creating it. “I was playing these bizarre parts using manipulated synths and quite literally lost myself in the process for a moment. The sounds and keyboard parts, the whole experience, took me to another planet.”