Americana-pop artist, Cf Watkins, announces upcoming album with the release of new single

Americana-pop singer-songwriter, Cf Watkins, has announced her new album, Babygirl, due out October 16, 2020, on Whatever’s Clever Records. The first single, “Frances,” is out now and showcases Watkins’ signature style, melding folk and country references with contemporary pop.

Filled with conscious themes of empowerment, Babygirl (and its title track), are both a coming of age story and an ode to female friendship. “Romances have come in and out of my life,” says Watkins, “But through it all, the relationships that continue to open my heart the most are grounded in the women I’ve known.”


“Frances” is about Watkins’ late grandmother, who passed away before she was born. Through a close bond with her grandfather, Watkins could feel her grandmother’s presence. “My grandfather developed dementia in his old age and was in and out of hospitals for the last few years of his life. One day toward the end, I was visiting him in the hospital and my dad told me it was not a good day and not to be hurt if he didn’t recognize or speak to me,” she recalls. “When I approached his bed, he immediately started crying, which I had never seen before. He grabbed my hand and told me he was sorry, he said, ‘I should have told you I loved you more, I should have told you I loved you every day.’ I told him I knew he loved me, and he said, ‘Frances, I’m so sorry.’ I realized then that he thought I was her. I hope he was able to get the closure that he needed with her in that moment.”