Jeralyn Glass feat. Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls Present The Album ‘Vibrance’

Jeralyn Glass feat. Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls offers an experimental classic pop brilliance with “Vibrance”. Highly unique they manage to balance these seemingly contradictory impulses in a way that feels so contemplative. The production is crystal-clear while they incorporate a great deal of textural elements into the soothing mix. Instrumentally rich they bring so much color into the mix with an album that virtually teems with an uncanny sense of life. Vocals have a dreamy disposition to them neatly tying everything together. Lyricism goes for a meditative poetry.

Vibrance Album – Public Page

Glowing singing bowls introduce the potent opener “Peace” as the song sprawls into the infinite. Rhythms emerge over the celebratory “Imagine” with the vocals front and center. Piano and percussion have gorgeous interplay on the lively “Out Of This World”. A jazzy disposition takes shape on the creative “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. By far the highlight of the album comes from the delicate title track “Vibrance”. Delivered with such passion the tenderness of the piece feels physical in nature. A fantastic buildup occurs over the whole of the powerful “Landslide” which virtually washes over the listener with its clever atmospherics. “See You Again – Dust In The Wind (Medley)” ebbs and flows with a pastoral beauty. Ending things on a high note is the reflective “Gymnopédies No. 1”.

“Vibrance” proves to be one of those highly memorable albums, one that shows off Jeralyn Glass feat. Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls’ uncanny ability to tap into a seemingly timelessness.