Benefits of a Soundproof Dog Crate

Anxious dogs that are frightened by loud noises can be very stressful for their owners and the neighbors. In cases like this, finding a soundproof dog crate is the solution that will keep everyone, including your canine friend, calm.

Your dog must be able to relax in its own home. To find the right soundproofing solution can take a lot of research. If you don’t have the time there are places you can go to find out what the experts say. For example, see this review. It will tell you what is likely to suit both you and your dog.

You will no doubt find answers to many of the most frequently asked questions relating to soundproofing and covering your dog’s crate and its many benefits.

There are several ways you can soundproof a dog crate. Here are just four suggestions:

1) Use Crate Covers

Dog crate covers are an inexpensive and simple way of stifling sound in a crate. You just need to throw a cover over your crate making sure the cover is the right size and will keep the noise levels down.

It is advisable to buy covers specifically made for this use. The material should be breathable so the crate does not overheat when the covers are on. Look for thick heavy-duty covers. These covers should help reduce the amount of noise and should be easily removable and washable.

One quick, temporary solution can be found with putting a blanket over the dog crate. Make sure the crate doesn’t become too dark or too hot.

When selecting your dog’s crate cover look for material that is:

  •         Breathable
  •         Washable
  •         Comfortable
  •         Not going to black out the crate

2) Use Absorption Sheets

Absorption sheets area low-cost way of soundproofing a dog crate. They can help absorb mid to high frequency sounds as well as reducing echoes.

Absorption sheets should be easy to fit. They often just need to be mounted onto the crate’s walls. This solution does not need any tools to be fitted. But to be effective they have to be the correct size for your dog’s particular crate.

Absorption Sheets benefits include being:

  •         Semi-permanent solutions
  •         Easy to fit and to remove
  •         Inexpensive

3) Use Blankets

You can reduce noise by simply covering the dog crate with some moving blankets. It is not only cost-effective but also helps to reduce sound levels easily.

Moving blankets can absorb sounds. This is why they differ from regular blankets. The design of moving blankets means they can absorb noise, while also providing insulation and still being comfortable.

4) Soundproof walls or rooms in your home

Perhaps you have already tried some if not all of these solutions and you are still looking for something better. Perhaps your dog doesn’t like its crate. There again the problem you face may be that your dog barks only when you are away and because it disturbs your neighbors you may need to soundproof a room for your dog to stay in your house.

It’s a great idea when you share a wall with your neighbors. But the downside is that it can be a much more expensive option than simply soundproofing a crate.