How To Hire A Celebrity Influencer

In today’s digital world, one of the most effective campaigns you can launch is one with a celebrity influencer. These high profile individuals have the ability to kickstart your campaign in a way that will bring immediate attention to your product, service, or cause. Whether you are touting a new app or escapade, a celebrity influencer is a great way to let the public know about it.

However, trying to contact the celebrity yourself can be quite difficult if you try to do it yourself.Hiring a celebrity to launch various marketing campaigns is the most important step in the whole process and social media has made it a lot easier. The success of the collaboration depends to a large extent on the use of the right influencer which is why you might want to consider working with their agency or speakers bureau.

The success of a marketing campaign with celebrity influencers depends on the reach and engagement on the social networks on which they can rely. That said, success also depends on the relevance of the profile to your brand.

Obviously, if a company sells leather clothing, it would not be appropriate for it to contact a vegetarian. That said, there is one thing that is beyond doubt: don’t let the numbers guide you. The number of followers is not an objective indicator. You must see much further.

Given the importance of launching an influencer campaign today, you need to be sure of what you are doing. The objective of this entire operation is to associate your brand with digital personalities who already have a reputation in well-defined sectors and whose word is followed and respected.

Does working with a celebrity really work?

The best thing to do is try.

The annual study on social networks of the IAB indicates that more than 85% of internet users follow influencers on social networks. 65% of them recognize that this influences their purchasing decisions.

We should also not forget the influence that this can have on relations with brands.

In this sense, it makes sense to spend time and effort to find a celebrity who can deliver the results you expect. If your potential customers are looking for references on the Internet, it is because they will influence their decision-making. What better way to be guided than to follow the advice and contributions of reference people?

Nowadays, influencer marketing is a safe bet, especially in certain sectors. Fashion, tourism and gastronomy are some of the areas that have taken advantage of the presence of influencers to build relationships with users.

Indeed, the campaigns implemented meet the following objectives:

  • Greater notoriety
  • Increase traffic to websites
  • Sales increase

Hiring an influencer

Influence marketing is one of the most interesting strategies in the long term. As such, you need to build relationships with factors such as trust, transparency or collaboration in mind.

However, to hire an influencer, you should always receive advice, whether from professionals or experienced people. This is why it is advisable to consider the following steps before you start.

  1. Identify your objective

Here is something that is repeated many times. When hiring an influencer, it is essential to set specific goals and know which target you want to reach. In fact, a recent article published by the Coaching Institute shows the difference of how setting clear goals can affect your overall productivity.

The audience of the chosen influencer should be made up of the people you care about. To do this, you need to know these people in advance, and know exactly what type of audience you want to reach.

This involves not only knowing the users in broad outline but also investigating them. Have as much information as possible. Thus, the definition of your customer profile (buyer persona) will be easier and you will have concrete information, such as:

  • Middle age
  • Profession
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Hobbies
  • Motivations
  • Hobby
  • Numerical habits
  • Privileged social networks

This prior analysis has the immense advantage of simplifying the process of finding an influencer with a similar audience or, at least, who corresponds to the characteristics and needs that interest you.

  1. Organize your list

Once you have found the profiles that attract your target audience, you should not choose the first comer. Ideally, you should list all of the influencers and then do a more in-depth analysis. Many of them may not feel in tune with your brand or may already be working with your competitors.

As you can see, hiring an influencer is more than researching and making contact.

If you want your campaigns to make sense and go well, you need to find the right profile. In addition, this investment is interesting because you can continue to collaborate with the influencer afterwards. The more confidence and relationships you have, the easier it will be to work.

  1. Select your celebrity

What happens if doubts arise? Is it better to use an influencer or several microinfluencers that best suit my needs?

You should keep the following information in mind:

A recent article published by IAB of user engagement with Instagram followers has shown that the higher the number of followers, the lower the audience engagement .

In other words, a person who has 1,200 subscribers will receive proportionately more “ likes ” than a user who has 100 times more subscribers. For example, a micro-influencer with 1,000 subscribers receives around 600 or 700 “ likes ” per photo. On the other hand, an influencer with a community of 100,000 subscribers will reach around 20,000 “ likes ”.

The same goes for engagement.

The study therefore invites us to trust microinfluencers rather than turning only to the users who are the most followed.

For example, you can hire 10 micro influencers with an average of 10,000 subscribers, rather than hiring a single influencer with 100,000 subscribers.

Think about it. If each microinfluencer gets 5,000 likes, per photo, you could generate strong engagement with 50,000 people. You wouldn’t do it with just one influencer.

In addition, it should be added that it is relatively cheaper to hire a micro-influencer .

Before hiring an influencer, you must therefore think about the type of profile you are looking for and the one that suits you best

  1. Do your research

You have reviewed subscribers to the point of building a list of 2 or 3 influencers or 10 interesting microinfluencers.

It’s time to study their profiles in depth to see if they can really suit your brand and values. That is why you need to study their communities closely.

  • How many subscribers do they have?
  • How many of them interact with the influencer?
  • Does the influencer respond to comments from his audience?
  • Does he interact with them?

Remember that you should never stick to a number. Quality is much more important than quantity . In addition, when an influencer brings together many subscribers, it is possible that many of them are actually fake accounts. If that influencer has many fake subscribers, their failure will affect you.

  1. What style of content do they post?

Among all your search criteria, you will also take into account the level of creativity of the influencer and his links with your brand. Does he just promote your product?

His manner of writing, his style of communication, the subjects he usually addresses, etc. All of this is essential to achieving your goals .

His credibility with his audience is very important. This is why it is so interesting to know what type of content it produces in general: are it photos on networks, videos on YouTube, etc. ?

  1. Request case studies from other campaigns

Before hiring a celebrity influencer, it is interesting to know what he has done before. This is why it is essential to request data and statistics from other campaigns. And if the influencer can’t provide it to you, at least ask him to let you see his own stats.

An experienced person will know what to do. This is reflected in the quality of its actions . This experience in marketing actions will also help you assess their level of professionalism and responsibility.

In addition, it will help you to see if the influencer has collaborated with your competitors or if he has campaigned with brands that do not match you, i.e. brands with which you do not share any value or no ideal.

  1. Are they a good fit?

Does this person show sympathy for your brand? This is very important because the more comfortable the influencer is with your brand, the more comfortable they will be with their work. And that is reflected in the results.

For example, an influencer will not make a YouTube video with the same enthusiasm and creativity if the product or brand he is talking about does not interest him.

This is why it is so important that when you hire an influencer, you feel that he appreciates your brand, and most importantly, that he wants to maintain a relationship with it.

The influencer needs to be as close to your brand as possible, because everything will seem much more natural and credible. If your audience finds that the person advertising your brand has affinities with the brand and its speech, you will be more likely to have this audience connect with you.

Believe it or not, hiring an influencer is more a question of feeling than numbers.

  1. What is their publishing schedule?

Frequency is essential when considering collaborating with an influencer. Indeed, collaborating with someone who is absent from social networks and who shares very little content will not help you.

A good influencer regularly publishes content, which increases engagement, the effects on the public and their loyalty .

  1. Will they support you offline?

The last aspect which will determine which influencer you need is to know his activity in the real world. For example, does he / she attend events where they speak in public?

There is evidence that many people attend events if their favorite influencer goes there. The relationship and the links between the brand and the influencer will thus be closer. The treatment will be more humane.

  1. Determine the costs

It is often difficult to determine exactly how much to offer to an influencer to secure his services.

Here are some of the approximate global figures published in digital spaces:

Up to 5,000 subscribers (with a high interaction rate): between 100 and 150 euros.

Between 15,000 and 50,000 subscribers: between 300 and 400 euros.

Over 100,000 subscribers: from 1,000 euros.

It all depends on the type of campaign you want to launch and the type of relationship you want to establish with the influencers you choose.