You may think that celebrities and famous people in general are immune to a lot of things that we normal folks have to deal with, but don’t forget that celebrities are only people, and they make as many mistakes (if not more!) as anyone else. The following are a few cases in point, our favorite celebrity fails that turned into felonies.

Tim Allen on Charges of Cocaine Possession
As a struggling comedian prior to his huge success with the Toy Story movies and many others, Tim Allen sadly found his way into the drug game during college. At the Kalamazoo Battle Creek, Michigan International Airport, Allen was found with almost 1.5 pounds of cocaine. He was thereafter charged with drug trafficking, but as his lawyer urged him to give up the names of the dealers he was working with and he did, his sentence was shortened and the now actor only ended up serving 2 years and a few months in a prison in Minnesota.

Martha Stewart for Conspiracy and False Statements in Court
Though best known for her ability to bake an excellent pie while organizing a closet, Martha Stewart is not free of her own vices. She was convicted of conspiracy and also of making false statements before spending five months in a prison. After she got out, however, she made her comeback with a brand new show and several books.

Robert Downey Jr. for Charges Related to Drugs
Today, Robert Downey Jr. is known for his charisma and success in many new films such as Iron Man and the Sherlock Holmes series. And though he was equally successful as a charming actor in the 90s and early 2000s, he has since that time kicked a major habit: drugs. Among his drugs of choice heroin, marijuana, and cocaine, and he apparently did them often, as he was always on probation and in and out of court and prison. Luckily he has made a comeback in a big way and has still found a way to wow audiences.

Although Tim Allen, Martha Stewart and Robert Downey Jr. were all sentenced to at least a little time in prison, they managed to come out on top, making them loved by thousands and millions of people all over the world. Too many other celebrities and famous people have not been so lucky, and the same can be said for many regular people who have committed felonies as well. As DUI attorney David E. Cook says, it is best to do as these favorite famous people did, chock it up to human error, do your time, and move on to be a happy and successful person.

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