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out today: Existential Emptiness (CL) “Nevereinding Pain – Everlasting Sorrow” @ Death/Doom/Black Metal

EXISTENTIAL EMPTINESS was formed in March 2018 as a way to express our most personal tastes without getting stuck in a particular style. In it, we find innately aspects of old school death metal, traditional doom metal, and we try to rescue the unique atmosphere of black metal. In EXISTENTIAL EMPTINESS, members of other bands that have been on the national circuit for a longer time and carry more experience, the bands are FUNERALIS, PULVERIZED and LUXCAELIS. During 2018 we had a hermetic continuous creative process where we let everything flow, and which ended with a work called NEVERENDING PAIN – EVERLASTING SORROW.


Breezy instrumental soul from California’s The Ironsides. Featuring members of Monophonics, “Sommer” is a cover of an obscure 1973 song by Stig & Steen, but the mood seems very 2020 with the help of some excellent production by brothers Max and Joe Ramey. The song sets the tone for what is surely to be one of the most bizarre summers on record. As the world begins to open up and we all adjust to a new normal, there’s hope but with a tempered sense of melancholy on the horizon.

Michael Kiwanuka “Light” Official Video out now

“Light”, a song from Michael Kiwanuka’s critically heralded 2019 album KIWANUKA, is a simple and uplifting song that finds its way back as a centerpiece of the world’s emotion in 2020. The animated accompanying video celebrates Black life and power and a bigger sweep of change being felt, created by this new generation of activists. In Michael’s own words, “The way so much of the world has been designed has often caused me and so many other Black people psychological damage. We so often hear that we are lesser than because we are Black. We are a label, a token, a statistic, and we can be dehumanized. I’ve spoken about it in my music but I wanted to declare in words that I’m so proud to be Black. We are so beautiful and have such a wonderful history of strength, overcoming, talent, innovation, creativity, invention and love.

for Skope: R3HAB & Sofia Carson team up for “Miss U More Than U Know” [out on Hollywood Rec.]

Shortly after releasing “Bésame (I Need You)” with TINI and Reik, R3HAB teams up with “Descendants” star Sofia Carson for their third track together, the radio-friendly dance-pop fusion single “Miss U More Than U Know.” The dynamic producing powerhouse and talented songstress created an emotive gem that delivers breezy melodies and an instrumental-driven bassline perfect for easy listening. “Miss U More Than U Know” carries a wistful, nostalgic vibe from Carson’s heartfelt lyrics, which discuss a former flame whose memory still lingers long after they’ve been gone. The new single follows R3HAB and Sofia Carson’s previous two collaborations, the pop-influenced “I Luv U” from last winter, as well as 2018’s “Rumors.” These two never fail to produce stunning music together, so keep an eye out for future releases!

SUNN O))) Life Metal 606 Production Demos Available On Bandcamp

At the end of May 2018 — in preparation for their session at Electrical Audio in Chicago with Steve Albini from which would emerge the Life Metal and Pyroclasts albums — SUNN O))) entered 606 Studios in Los Angeles for a pre-production session. 606 is the studio owned by The Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl and features the mythical Sound City Neve desk. Greg Anderson, Stephen O’Malley, and Tos Nieuwenhuizen spent four days arranging and rehearsing those tracks, and they were captured by engineer John Lousteau. These tracks would go on to become the critically acclaimed Life Metal and Pyroclasts albums, released in April and October 2019, respectively, on Southern Lord Recordings.

Henry Chadwick Releases New Single “What I Mean To Say”

“What I Mean To Say” is an indie pop ballad that is about wanting to escape the stresses of everyday life. “I think it’s about wanting to be alone and free from the pressures put on yourself due to influence from the outside world. It’s really about needing a break. I wrote this pre-quarantine and the irony of releasing it now is not lost on me,” says Chadwick.

Gold Star Gold Star’s shares newest single, “Talkin’ Need My Friends Blues out today!

On Introducing… Gold Star Gold Star, the debut LP set for release on August 7th, Adam Miller and Adam Obermeier’s take on classic radio pop shines in its studied precision, knowing subversive choices, and undeniable warmth. For their debut, the Chicago duo use the language of bands like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and Motown acts and then twist the dial ever so slightly away from what you’d hear on AM radio.

J.I. & Lil Tjay Team Up For The Highly Anticipated “Hood Scars 2” Today – Video Out Now!

On the original track, which amassed over 15 million streams across all streaming platforms, J.I. raps about his rough upbringing – from dealing with deceptive peers to walking with eyes behind his head, the 18 year-old had to learn at an early age how to protect himself growing up in Crown Heights. On the collaboration Tjay hops on to spit an earnest verse about living a similar lifestyle. The refined song highlights their knack of natural melodic lyricism. Of the track J.I. says “working with TJ was dope. He’s somebody a lot of fans wanted me to pair me up with, so the collaboration was heavily anticipated.”


Today, multi-platinum selling Chicago artist/rapper/songwriter Calboy releases a new track and visual for “Brand New” ft. King Von. The track is from his upcoming Long Live The Kings Deluxe project which is due out next month via Polo Grounds Music/RCA Records. The video first premiered earlier today via WorldStarHipHop. Click HERE to listen.

Erez Zobary Drops New Single “Blue (For Now)”

Toronto-based R&B/pop artist Erez Zobary has a timeless voice, in more ways than one. Raised on Stevie Wonder and Amy Winehouse, Erez’s soulful vocals echo the sounds and styles of her youth. Lyrically she is raw and uninhibited, writing openly about universal, yet highly personal, feelings of self-worth, uncertainty, and vulnerability.

Los Rakas Release New Music Video for “Gasolina”

“Gasolina”, which followed up their infectious, D Smoke assisted single “Poquito Más”, adds to Los Rakas’ already 4/20 friendly catalog. Opting for a less traditional video style, the “Gasolina” music video compiles clips from Los Rakas’ global travels – including Madrid, Barcelona, Panama, Miami, Los Angeles, and Oakland. Raka Dun shared, “We’re 4/20 advocates. Our fans are like us, they appreciate the greener things in life. Given the level of stress we’re all feeling, we wanted to share another single that could soundtrack the more lifted times.”

Suit of Lights make stirring, genre bending art rock

This week we announced a new album from New Jersey’s Suit of Lights, the songwriting outlet for Joe Darone, who’s past collaborators include Trevor Dunn of Mr. Bungle, Steve Pedulla of Thursday, and Jamie Egan of Catch 22 and Streetlight Manifesto. We teamed up with Glide Magazine to share “Rock Paper Scissors”, the first single off the forthcoming Hide and Seek.

SONG PREMIERE: Suit of Lights Create Infectious, Guitar-driven Art Pop on “Rock Paper Scissors”

Retro Color’s Debut Album ‘Arcadian’ Is Out Now || (RIYL Panic! At The Disco, All Time Low)

With Arcadian, Retro Color is aiming to inspire their fans to just be themselves. The band recently shared, “In late 2018, early 2019, we have been going through a lot of changes. After some mental struggles, we have decided to take control of our feelings and what others think about us. We want everyone that listens to ‘Arcadian’ to feel okay to be the person that they are. We encourage weirdos, we encourage outcasts, and everyone in between. We wear makeup, and sometimes outrageous outfits, on stage to influence our fans to feel okay with themselves regardless of how ridiculous it may feel at first.”

New video from rising artist SPEELBURG for “World Is Falling Apart (this version)” – out now!

“‘World Is Falling Apart’ was actually written back in 2017 when we were faced with a whole bunch of other problems,” shares Speelburg (Noah Sacré). “The world just hasn’t gone back to ‘America-in-the-Nineties’ level of chillness yet. I, like many of my generation, am privy to youthful narcissism and thinking we have it the worst, that today is worse than it was at any time in the past. Some days are more doom and dread, some days are more ‘help your fellow man’ kind of days. This track tries to toe the line between the two, and maybe, hopefully, weighs a little more in favor of the latter. At the end of the world, I’m still going to choose optimism.”

Jessie Reyez shares new video for “Intruders”

Today, Jessie Reyez shares a video for “Intruders” from her debut album Before Love Came To Kill Us. The animated visual depicts the deep-rooted effects of colonization as a war between an indigenous woman fending off colonizers. The video serves as an allegory for today’s society and the detrimental effects brought on by governmental and economic institutions that were built on oppression and theft. Simply put, Reyez says “Colonialism is in the mitochondria of racism”.


José Hoek is releasing his latest creation called Antenas y Palmeras, and is available today, June 19, 2020 on all digital platforms. This is the first single from his upcoming album, Tremolo Park. This song explores the connection degrees between two people from the perspective of signals and their interpretations.

The track has a video made by the production company Capitolio, developed by Pablo Castillo, José Ostos and Erwin Lorinser.

SKELETON: Austin Blackened Metal/Punk Practitioners Release “The Sword”

Austin, Texas-based blackened metal/punk practitioners SKELETON will unleash their self-titled debut via 20 Buck Spin on July 10th. In advance of its release the band today releases the “The Sword” for public feasting.


The Guadalajara-based Aztec folk metal group CEMICAN – hailed by Revolver as “an ancient Mexican answer to The Hu or Heilung” – were recently invited to contribute a new song to the prestigious “Singles” collection curated by Adult Swim, America’s most popular basic cable television network among young adults. This track, “Yóok ‘ol Kaab Maya” (“our Mayan universe”), marked the first new CEMICAN music since the release of their acclaimed third album (and M-Theory Audio debut), 2019’s “In Ohtli Teoyohtica In Miquiztli” (“the mystical path of the dead”).