5 essential tips for RV rentals

Traveling with a house in tow will allow you to delve into nature and live a great adventure. When you are thinking about the best way to visit a country where nature prevails over everything else, the image of a bright sign that reads “RV rental” may come to your mind.

In countries such as New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Norway, or South Africa, among others, RV rental will give you the necessary flexibility to discover and savor the infinite natural corners they possess. But that is not the only advantage. If you are planning your trip and are confused when deciding which RV rental company to choose, this review of top rv rental companies may be helpful for you. However, this article will give you tips for choosing the best RV that suits your needs.

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1. Consider how much space you need

This rule is essential. When you go to rent an apartment you look at the number of rooms it has, the surface that each space occupies, and choose according to your needs. When looking for cheap RV you should also use this common-sense criterion.

There are camper-vans that look like real rolling mansions, and others that are minivans with just enough room for a double mattress and a pull-out kitchenette mounted on a mini-fridge. Between both extremes there is a wide range of possibilities.

If you travel alone, as a couple, with family or with friends, always keep in mind how many beds you need and the living space that will make the trip a pleasant one without incurring extra expenses. A larger vehicle size, higher rental cost and higher fuel consumption.

2. Compare prices

In many places, RV rental is quite common and you will find a great and varied offer when you are looking for which company to rent with.

Take your time and use price comparators.

During the summer season – in both the northern and southern hemispheres – demand tends to skyrocket and it is advisable to do the search months in advance to get better prices.

3. Check the equipment included

The equipment included in the cheap RVs varies greatly from one company to another.

The essential things to include are:

  • Bed and toilet clothes: sheets, pillows, pillowcase and towels. Sleeping bags can be an extra.
  • Kitchen utensils: pans and pots, cutlery, plates and glasses.
  • Baby seats: they are usually optional but there are companies that charge them as an extra.
  • Sometimes you can also get chairs and a camping table. A small fridge is also vital.

4. Check the validity of your driving license

It may seem like a very obvious thing, but it would not be the first time that someone loses their reservation money for showing up at the counter with an expired driving license or that is not accepted in the country where the RV rental is carried out .

5. Learn how to maintain your caravan

The rental of RVs requires to take into account that you must carry out a much more complete maintenance than that of a car. It’s not just about gasoline and oil and water level. You should contact Mobile RV repair near me in case there is any issue with your RV.

The biggest headaches create it: get rid of waste, get water, and recharge energy or gas .

The waste from the toilet and the “gray” water from the shower and sink must be emptied in places designated for this purpose in campsites or equipped service areas. It is usually severely fined to do it anywhere else .

You can get water at service stations and the RV rental companies usually give you enough gas reserves for a long trip and charge you with the same policy as gasoline (they give you full and you return it empty).