Album Review: “Exotic Plants and Flowers” by Jude Gwynaire

A far out sound defines the whole of Jude Gwynaire’s “Exotic Plants and Flowers”. The psychedelic spirit reigns supreme over these lush dreamy soundscapes. Rather playful, the references abound from Tangerine Dream’s 1970s work to a bit of Chrome’s wild, unhinged distortion. In between these two extremes elements of the UK’s Second Summer of Love dance spirit runs through for the beats have a lush, joyous attitude to them. Mystery and wonder permeate the entirety of the album for it is easy to get lost within the otherworldly hues. He proves to be a deft sculptor of sound for the melodies linger right on the periphery, always seemingly coming in and out of focus.


The album opens on a mystical note with “Exotic Plants and Flowers (Prayer)”. Well-named “The House on Haight Street (Sonic Mix)” goes for an unhinged jam session. Impressive guitar solos intermingle in a way that feels gorgeous. Lush orchestral layers merge together with “Pleiades Star Glider”. Going for a distinct Oneohtrix Point Never flavor is the album highlight, the beguiling cascade of “Betelgeuse (Proximity Mix)”. Such a joy to behold, the way it shifts in terms of texture and tone feels stately. Early Autechre comes into the fray with the surprisingly geometric “Uzone-25”. Lovely colors run through the whole of “Scorch Wizard”. Grand gestures take hold on the colossal take of “Bleach City”. Neatly tying everything together is the epic scope of “Exotic Plants and Flowers (Green-Eyed Gypsy)”.

“Exotic Plants and Flowers” reveals an entire ecosystem of textures one that Jude Gwynaire explores with zeal.