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He preceded the project with his breakout banger “My Heart Went Oops.” On the heels of its success, Business Insider chronicled the artist’s meteoric rise through his combination of agile marketing acumen, D.I.Y. production, and head-turning rhymes. Tiagz sampled the trending 1951 jazz staple “Oops!” by Lawrence Welk & His Champagne Music and transformed it into a buoyant post-millennial banger. Catching fire, Tik Tok queen Charli D’Amelio chose to broadcast a video soundtracked by “My Heart Went Oops” to her 55 million followers. With organic support from Addision Rae and more, it generated 3 million Tik Toks and counting. Daily Dot also touted his impressive revival of the original.

Space Kamp Releases New Single ‘500 Miles’ out now

The Pennsylvania based group, Space Kamp, is on a mission to break rules and spread love around the globe with their forthcoming album “Electric Lemonade.” After spending 3 years on the road touring and gaining a cult following of dedicated “Kampers,” the band has honed their stylistic sonics. The new album takes listeners on a sonic trip, mixing Psychedelic soundscapes, Hip Hop, and Reggae while keeping to the mission — breaking rules and spreading love. Today they release the first single “500 Miles” off the new album ‘Electric Lemonade’ is due out June 26th! “500 Miles” is out now and available everywhere you stream music.

Premiere: Space Kamp Unveils Music Video for “500 Miles,” Feat. TabinStereo

Amy Rage Shares New Single “When U Told Me”, Debut EP ‘Solitude’ Out June 26th

Indie pop artist Amy Rage is back, sharing, “When U Told Me,” the second single from her debut EP, Solitude, out June 26th. The track is a pulsing pop song, featuring hammering synths driving the empowering lyrical narrative. Rage wrote the post-breakup anthem about finding strength within herself after a relationship had gone sour.

Amy Rage Debuts “When You Told Me”

NEW VISUAL: Hot In Herre (Live “Around The World At Home” Virtual World Tour)

Following their 11 country “Around The World At Home” Virtual World Tour, LION BABE’s Hot In Herre – Live visual is out now! The single is a funk house take on Nelly’s hip-hop hit and is one of the duo’s “favorite anthems [which] deserves a female reboot. Thankful for The Neptunes and Nelly for sparking the fire in us when we were both getting into music.”

The Residents Featuring Black Francis of the Pixies Release New Single “DIE! DIE! DIE!”

Legendary art-rock group The Residents release their latest single “DIE! DIE! DIE!” featuring Black Francis of the Pixies from the band’s forthcoming album, METAL, MEAT & BONE (Release Date: July 10, 2020). The double disc recording, METAL, MEAT & BONE, based on newly discovered recordings of Alvin Snow (a.k.a. Dyin’ Dog) includes 10 Dyin’ Dog Demos, 10 interpretations of the demos by The Residents, and six new works inspired by Dyin’ Dog. Rolling Stone exclusively premieres the music video for “DIE! DIE! DIE!”, which can be viewed –

Listen: The Residents and Black Francis Drop Searing Indictment of Trump’s Handling of COVID-19

New Music from Indie: Dara Schindelka “Love Lives Here”

At the age of nineteen, Dara Schindelka walked away from the biggest stages in the Canadian musical theatre world. She is back performing, but this time it is her own stories and songs. Dara’s music mixes hippie anthems with deep roots. Sara Bareilles, Laura Marling, Joni Mitchell, Marc Cohn, Coco Love Alcorn, & Mary Chapin Carpenter all inspire her unique perspective on the unpredictable journey of life. Dara lives in northern Saskatchewan, Canada, on the shores of Lac La Ronge. Her music is influenced by both the issues and the beauty of the north as well as the prairie roots where she was raised in southern Saskatchewan.

Jamo Gang join forces with DJ Premier and Slug of Atmosphere on “1st Time” Video

Jamo Gang consists of LA legend Ras Kass, NYC veteran emcee El Gant and J57 on production. The trio’s debut album Walking With Lions is available now via Fat Beats Records and features DJ Premier, Slug from Atmosphere, Sid Wilson from Slipknot, Sick Jacken from Psycho Realm & Slaine from La Coka Nostra. “Walking with Lions” embodies head-nodder boom-bap infused with big sounding, lush soundscapes as Ras Kass & El Gant command the listener’s attention speaking on subject matter ranging from school shootings to what life would be like with a nuke arriving in 38 minutes.

Hayfitz Shares New Single “Hold On” Via American Songwriter, Debut LP ‘Capsules’ Out 5/29

NYC-based indie folk artist Hayfitz shares his new single “Hold On,” from his upcoming debut album Capsules, out May 29th. American Songwriter premiered the track, writing how “Hayfitz’s quavering, eerie vocals and soft, intimate guitar playing recall the introspective works of Sufjan Stevens, Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley.” Feeling all too relevant in these times, “Hold On” effectively captures the feelings of being alone. With his gentle vocals and melancholic guitar melodies, Hayfitz creates a somber atmosphere that ignites feelings of denial, nostalgia, and desperation that come at the end of a relationship. Just as American Songwriter perfectly writes, the track “ends in a mantra-like repetitive affirmation of ‘It’s gonna get much better… better….’..you might not believe it will get better, but Hayfitz has convinced himself otherwise,” reminding us that sometimes, all we can do is hold on.

Premiere: Brooklyn’s Hayfitz Convinces Us To “Hold On” Through The Loneliness

Indie Pop Singer/Producer Mima Good Shares “Cool” with Indie Witches

Brooklyn based Anti-Pop artist Mima Good just shared her bouncy new single Cool with Indie Witches. The singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist has been working on an exploratory, genre-bending collection of songs for the past year in her home studio. From a closet vocal booth covered in red velvet, Mima playfully serenades her microphone with youthful woes from a troubled world.

Lil Durk Gives Back, Sends a “Street Prayer” in the Latest JCYW2 Video

Reflecting harsh realities with emotion and melody, Lil Durk is the voice of the streets. Offering words of wisdom for those suffering in rough neighborhoods, Durk shares “Street Prayer,” his new video. Produced by Cardo and DY, “Street Prayer” finds Durk opening up about his faith, as he recounts his past struggles and remembers the people he lost to street violence: “It be your dog, it be your dog/That sh*t so crazy what happened to Law/When the streets took Baby D, it had came with a flaw/Granny asked where Nuski at, it’s crushing my heart.” In the video, Durk takes time to pray, reflecting on his time spent in prison and resolving to make his neighbors’ lives better so they can avoid his fate. The Chicago native gives back to his community, pulling up and offering meals to his city’s homeless. Following last week’s “Doin Too Much” (1.5 million views). “Street Prayer” is the latest video from Just Cause Y’all Made It 2, Durk’s new album, which debuted at #5 on the Billboard 200.

SHADOW IN THE DARKNESS Conceptualize With ‘Erstwhile Befell’

Greek progressive death metal group Shadow In The Darkness are set to release their album Erstwhile Befell worldwide via Sliptrick Records on May 19th. Two well received singles (The Aboriginal Storyteller and Interdisciplinary Sectarianism) have already set the technical tone and style of Erstwhile Befell, which over it’s 8 tremendous tracks, never wavers in it’s confidence or dips in it’s quality and imagination.

Pulse take the fans of industrial metal on a journey through space and time with the video for their song “Black Knight”

For 13000 years, the Black Knight satellite is said to orbit our planet. There are many theories about this mysterious object. What is its purpose? Was it made to spy on us? Does it have an influence on our future destiny? Does it even exist?

All these questions are discussed in “Black Knight”, the latest single by Austrian cyber metal band Pulse, which will be released on May 29 by NRT Records. Fans will get a first taste of Pulse’s upcoming album “Adjusting the Space”.

out today: SHADOW IN THE DARKNESS (Gre) “Erstwhile Befell”

Greek progressive death metal group Shadow In The Darkness are set to release their album Erstwhile Befell worldwide via Sliptrick Records on May 19th. Two well received singles (The Aboriginal Storyteller and Interdisciplinary Sectarianism) have already set the technical tone and style of Erstwhile Befell, which over it’s 8 tremendous tracks, never wavers in it’s confidence or dips in it’s quality and imagination.


Hull quintet Low Hummer will release their massive new single ‘Picture Bliss’ on the 19th May via Dance To The Radio Records.

Their fourth since launching in September 2019, Low Hummer are quickly becoming one of the region’s most exciting new bands with a run of impeccable singles and a handful of acclaimed live appearances.

Slave Revolt Album Release ‘Journey To The Otherside’

Slave Revolt have released their debut album Journey To The Other Side with INgrooves via The Label Group. Having previously released three singles: “Open the Heavens”, “Organic Robot”, and “Devil in Jeans” from their debut album, Journey To The Other Side, Slave Revolt have bred a combination of versatility in modern metal and hard rock music. The results offer Metalcore seasoned with Alternative Metal into a sound-blast across the East Coast Scene to your ears. Journey To The Other Side is a fresh blend and highly welcomed in the Metal/Hard Rock scene; truly a must have album in your collection.

SLAVE REVOLT Releases New Single, “Devil in Jeans”!

Static-X “All These Years” (featuring vocals by Wayne Static) Music VIdeo

Static-X has released the official music video for “All These Years,” the second single off of their upcoming album, Project Regeneration Vol. 1.

Life Renewed Debut “By Faith” (Feat. Alvin Triplett of BoughtXBlood & Nick West)

‘”By Faith” features the vocalist Alvin Triplett of the Christian Metalcore Project BoughtXBlood from the Lynchburg, VA area with his harsh vocals and Nicholas West on clean vocals. This was the first song written in 2014 with the inspiration of roommate and clean vocal feature Nick West. This is song number four of a seven-song EP called Launching From Ground Zero. This EP encompasses the concept of a person who has struggled in life and has formed opinions, thoughts and feelings that have affected the person’s life negatively. This song, along with the concept of the whole EP, is a journey of reflecting throughout all of life’s experiences to discover and bring into fruition some of the lessons on how a person can find and truly possess faith – to grow, evolve and become a person with purpose. “By Faith” was the first completed song off the EP and was the foundation of the whole EP and encompasses all the elements of the EP musically & contextually”‘ – Rob Volkoff

PAWN PAINTERS — New Single: Drifting — Release: 05/15/20 — Junuh Music

If the Pawn Painters were actually painting Pawn Painters, their paintings would be rich in intense colors and patterns. Even if the four musicians from Upper Bavaria are not painters, the description fits their style perfectly. The band bundles vintage-oriented sounds with a modern, spherical sound spectrum to drive indie and alternative beats.

Travis Barker’s DTA Records Announces First Sign – jxdn

jxdn is the first artist to sign with Travis Barker’s imprint, DTA Records, a worldwide joint venture with Elektra Music Group. jxdn is the first artist to sign with Travis Barker’s imprint, DTA Records, a worldwide joint venture with Elektra Music Group. jxdn (pronounced jay-den) is represented by manager Larry Rudolph at Maverick Management and digital production firm TalentX Entertainment, whose music department is helmed by Gavin Rudolph.

Neil Jacobson launches Hallwood Media – Hires Nathan Olivas former Mad Decent Publishing A&R

Jacobson spun off the Interscope Records Producer Management division, which he started 7 years ago, as part of his exit from the company as President of Geffen Records in December. Those clients include Jeff Bhasker, Emile Haynie, King Henry, Bipolar Sunshine, Alex Salibian, Beach Noise and Brendan O’Brien all of which came over to the new company Hallwood Media. Neil has since added J.R. Rotem and David Stewart to the roster, among others. Jacobson represented Bhasker, Haynie, and O’Brien in their catalogue sales, where a division of Hallwood Media is specifically dedicated to those catalogue deals.

Marie Dahlstrom shares new soulful slow burner “I Don’t Wanna Wake Up” featuring James Vickery

Danish, London based artist Marie Dahlstrom today (19th May) shares the final taster of her upcoming debut album Like Sand, with new single “I Don’t Wanna Wake Up”, featuring South London soul singer James Vickery. Dahlstrom’s debut album Like Sand is out this Friday, May 22nd via JFH Records.

A stunning soulful slow-burner; self-produced by Dahlstrom – hers and James’ vocal interplay is irresistible. Pairing soft synth lines with a groove-laden rhythm section, “I Don’t Wanna Wake Up” tells a story of desire.

The Ceiling Stares – Wicked Problem single

The Ceiling Stares is a project that represents a freewheeling, indie-rock dialogue subject to the conceptual masterplans of Stephen Patchan. Each release is tailored around carefully curated artistic parameters.

The latest entry in this artistic continuum, Wicked Problem, homes on a punchy, synth-rock aesthetic, and thematically explores a bevy of existential terrors with vulnerability, a literate flair, lacerating social commentary, clever wordplay, and playful cultural references.

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