6 Best Beaches to Travel to on Vacation

Is summer without one beach day a living nightmare for you? Beaches are the greatest places to sit back, relax, and read a good book. Here’s an idea. Research on the best beaches you can travel to. Vacations are meant to bring the family together to experience a destination that they have never been to. Here the x best beaches that you can travel to on vacation.

The Beaches of Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod is a terrific destination for any tourist. Not only is the town filled with countless souvenirs and great restaurants, but the beaches are the best part! Pack your supplies and spend a whole day on the beach. There’s not just one beach. Jump through the waves, take a long walk, or enjoy a lobster roll. Make sure that relaxation is #1 on the vacation checklist.

Jump Through the Waves of Out Banks, North Carolina

The Outer Banks of North Carolina is a stunning beach with an amazing view. For history buffs they’re going to love it, even more, knowing this is the spot where the Wright Brothers first flew. Grab a towel and sit under the sun. Pack sunscreen with you. There’s nothing worse than a painful sunburn to ruin the vacation. Besides sitting on the beach look into fun activities like hang gliding, and going fishing with the whole family.

Visit the Hamptons in New York

Have you gone to New York City only to visit the Big Apple? Make this visit to the Hamptons. Rent a house on the southeast coast and have a memorable week with the family. Walk along the sandy beaches, go for a swim in the ocean, or go visit the town. Do what you want to do on a vacation. Remember to pack your camera to log in those amazing sunsets.

Sit Under the Sun in Maui, Hawaii

Did you ever want to go to Hawaii so you could dance the hula on the beaches? Now it’s your time to plan a vacation to Maui, Hawaii. The beaches in Hawaii are the best! Go snorkeling, go on a tour around the island, or just spend the day reading a good book while sitting under the sun. One of the greatest parts of a vacation is that you get to experience a new location together. Get a good hotel, and enjoy your time.

Go Paddleboarding in South Lake Tahoe, California

If you’re planning a vacation to California, it’s recommended that you go to South Lake Tahoe to experience incredible views on the mountains. South Lake Tahoe has quite the history surrounding its lake. Take a cruise around the lake to catch scenic views of the beautiful water.

The beaches around the lake are incredible. There are a number of spectacular beaches in the area, but it’s recommended that vacationers test out Baldwin Beach. You can go paddleboarding, take a walk, and the best part: spend the whole day and have a picnic.

Sit on Rehoboth Beach in Deleware

Rehoboth Beach is the best sandy area to spend with the family. Take a walk on the entertaining boardwalk, and then sit on the beach. Don’t forget to take that boogie board with you. Ride through the waves. Better yet, why not spend the whole day jumping through the waves in the ocean? Beaches make a great place for the whole family to spend time together and enjoy a snack. Make memories and have fun.

Tips for International Travelers

All international travelers are required to fill out an ESTA application to travel to the U.S. Carrying an ESTA gives international travelers the opportunity to travel. To purchase an ESTA, go online, and fill out the requirements needed for your country. After filling out the requirements, you and each member of your family receive a 90-day visa waiver to travel to the U.S. For those who have made multiple visits to the U.S. check your eligibility. Be smart and fill out an ESTA waiver well in advance to your travel date to make sure that you have all the needed requirements. It only takes a total of 20 minutes. Bring all the papers with you to the airport.

How to Check Your ESTA Status

It’s very important to research the reasons why your ESTA could get banned. Contact a government official to see if you are valid for travel to the U.S when you first start planning. Send your application to the government and then wait for ESTA status approval. Fill out an application well in advance so no dilemmas will come about. The importance of having an ESTA means that you have the advantage to travel outside of your country. Answer all the questions fully and thoroughly. Be on the lookout if your ESTA isn’t accepted after submitting the application. A few cases where ESTA applications were revoked are international travelers who accidentally lingered over the 90-day period they were customed to travel.