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Pomagranite Speaks To Where They Are At And Ready To Go With “Supply” EP & Video

Made up of four artists from Massachusetts and New Hampshire, POMAGRANITE is a Hip Hop/Alternative R&B collective that consists of members Everett Gibbons, Joeyroxitt, Bryll, and Charlie MixwelH. Each representative brings more than one thing to the table. Whether it’s writing lyrics, creating a beat, engineering a record, or much more, this group specializes with in-house creations. And if you’re wondering why the group name isn’t spelled like the pomegranate fruit…? POMA stands for Part Of Massachusetts and GRANITE is an Ode to New Hampshire, the Granite State.

New single, “The Time To Love Is Here” by Dr. H.

HAYLEY ROSS – Announces ‘Come Back’ Remixes EP | Listen to N-JOI Remix now

Following the release of her acclaimed debut ‘The Weight of Hope’ earlier this year, HAYLEY ROSS is very pleased to unveil a brand new EP: ‘COME BACK: THE REMIXES’.


Today, 11:11, the Toronto-born singer/songwriter/producer and R&B’s rising superstar drops a hot new visual for “Me, Chanel & Jameson,” the first track off his long-awaited full-length debut album. Directed by Christian Nolan Jones, ​the seductive music video draws fans in and leaves them wanting to know more about what’s to come. The track, released via RAYDAR/Caroline and produced by KEYZBABY (Bryson Tiller, Chris Brown & Wale) and Theron of Rock City (Lizzo, Rihanna & Usher), showcases 11:11’s signature R&B/trap sound and smooth melodic voice.

Video Alert: Jamo Gang feat. Slug from Atmosphere “The 1st Time” produced by DJ Premier [Video Submission]

This music video is J57’s directorial debut which features DJ Premier & Slug from Atmosphere. Jamo Gang “Walking with Lions” LP is out now on all digital platforms, CD and vinyl through Fat Beats Records! Besides DJ Premier and Slug the album also features Slaine, Sick Jacken & Sid Wilson from Slipknot. This album landed at #18 on iTunes Top 20 albums upon release. The entire album is produced by J57 except for “The 1st Time” which was produced by DJ Premier.

Kenny Chesney’s No Shoes Reefs Keeps Building

For Kenny Chesney, the ocean has always had a strong pull. Maybe the peace one feels on the water, or the way communities rise up around shorelines drew him. But for whatever reason, the East Tennessean found refuge and creative energy in the islands, the Gulf, the Keys, the California coast and all along the Atlantic Ocean.

With a partnership established in 2015, Chesney teamed with the Building Conservation Trust to create artificial reefs in places where degradation undermined healthy reefs, which provide living habitat for many kinds of sea life. Working at a grassroots level with the Coastal Conservation Association, 18 months after submerging their first two structures, Chesney and CCA President Pat Murray heard the fish finders and depth censors go crazy as they floated over the locations on the St. John River.


Additionally, she teamed up with Idolator for the premiere who wrote, “BAYARD THE BLOODHOUND captures KIITA’s eclectic sound and razor-sharp pen over the course of three intensely raw, sing-along bops.” The video brings her otherworldly vision to life. Translating the lyrics into a fascinating fantasy, the visual pulls viewers into her orbit as her voice takes flight over lush guitars and cinematic production.

Industrial Metal Band DEAD ANIMAL ASSEMBLY PLANT Premieres Official Music Video For Single “A Violent Breed”

The Sweet Meats Slaughterhouse was founded in 1895 by Wilhelm Schröder. Internationally known for his advances in industrialized butchery…he produced 30% of the meats consumed in the United States. In 1915 tragedy struck the small town he called home when all the livestock took some unexplained fatal disease. The ever resourceful Schröder turned to the only available meat. The townsfolk. When they discovered the terrible truth – they enacted their own form of justice. Feeding the once prolific Schröder to his own machines. The Sweet Meats Slaughterhouse remained eerily quiet and vacant..until one night…horrible noises resembling music emanated from the dank hallways.

Hear Mong Tong 夢東’s “Jou-tau” off their upcoming debut album, Mystery, that’s out June 19th on Guruguru Brain

Growing up in Taiwan through the 90’s, the brothers listen to 電子琴音樂 which they described as “relaxing chinese synth pop” along with video game soundtracks, psychedelic music, doom metal, and sound collage. This is their first record Mystery and its Chinese translation “秘神” sounds very similar coincidentally. They also play in cult following bands such as Prairie WWWW (落差草原 WWWW) and Dope Purple.

Folk/Soul trio, HOLY HIVE, releases “Float Back To You,” single and video

Holy Hive, the Brooklyn based folk/soul trio formed by folk singer/guitarist Paul Spring, sought-after soul drummer Homer Steinweiss, and bassist Joe Harrison, have released the title track from the forthcoming full-length album, Float Back To You.

Brontë Fall Announces Sophomore EP “Finishing School” – out August 21

Brontë Fall, the songwriting pen name of classically trained multi-instrumentalist Teri Bracken, embodies the spirit a centuries-old push by the Brontë sisters to have their—and all women’s—voices heard. Within her sophomore effort, Finishing School, Bracken embraces Charlotte, Emily, and Anne’s fight against the ever-evolving societal restraint on women; at times with a sword and armor and at times with words and ideas. Available everywhere August 21, Finishing School features six songs that find Bracken growing beyond her roots in orchestral music with a broadening of influences and cross-genre songwriting. Today, American Songwriter premiered the first single from Finishing School, “Freeway High,” noting that, “When the chorus comes, the melody soars through her crystal clear voice, almost as if it were sonically painting the picture of an open road and a blue sky….but the freedom she’s singing about also seems to be bigger than the song’s literal interpretation. Bracken seems to be speaking to a deeper sense of freedom, one which the Brontë sisters alluded to all those years ago, and one which Bracken has been fighting for in all her endeavors — especially her musical ones.”

Brontë Fall Avoids Traditional Avenues In Search Of That “Freeway High”

Dive Index – ‘Waving At Airplanes’ (out next Friday, 5/29)

Waving At Airplanes, the fifth full-length from electronic composer/producer Will Thomas’s collaborative Dive Index project, provides an immersive and delicately nuanced exploration of both the human condition and the condition of humanity.

With vocals shared between Natalie Walker (of trip-hop collective Daughter Darling plus an extensive solo career) and critically-acclaimed English multi-instrumentalist Merz, the album marries memorable melody to evocative mood in equal measure. This time Thomas set specific parameters to his ever-exquisite sound design, sourcing almost everything (percussion included) from modular synthesizer. The only exceptions are some piano, acoustic guitar, and occasional extraneous sounds – nail gun, jackhammer – that leaked into the studio and were embraced into song.

Premiere: The Minimalist Intimacy of Dive Index’s Arresting “Window to Window” ft. Natalie Walker

Rachael Sage Premieres Skating-Themed Video for “Blue Sky Days” from New Album, Character

As premiered by PopMatters (US) and Music News (UK), Rachael Sage has released a new video to accompany her Top 40 charting single, “Blue Sky Days” from her album Character. Originally composed as a meditation on gratitude in the midst of her own cancer recovery, Sage’s song has taken on new resonance during Covid-19. Every week since lockdown, Rachael has been performing “Blue Sky Days” online via her Facebook Livestream sessions “Stay In With Sage” (benefiting New York-based charities), where listeners from all over the world have expressed how much the lyrics’ uplifting imagery has been helping them stay positive and hopeful.

The Aces Release “My Phone Is Trying To Kill Me” Music Video

Created by the band while in quarantine, the homemade video delves into the pressures of social media and the attachment one can feel to their digital devices. Released last week, the single was written by The Aces alongside Justin Tranter (Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande) and produced by Zach Skelton (Jonas Brothers, Shawn Mendes).


Legendary Classic Rockers Autograph released their new single “SOULS ON FIRE”, Friday 5/15 on BANDCAMP (all other digital outlets 5/29) via EMP LABEL GROUP, featuring artwork by Melody Myers (Ellefson, Altitudes and Attitude, Escape The Fate) with proceeds going to Trinity Health of New England, benefiting front line nurses and health-care workers, with the ability to purchase PPE and other medical essentials.