Wayne Olivieri Offers New Single To All Of ‘We’re In This Together’

A sense of community defines the cheery optimism of Wayne Olivieri’s “We’re In This Together”. Sung with such passion and honestly, the whole of the work has a defiant hopeful quality. Classic rock to its very core there is a timelessness to it. His voice has a warm, reassuring presence to it which is featured quite prominently in the mix. Riffs run through further punctuating the power of his lyricism. In fact this lyricism feels to capture the very spirit of now, as everyone is working together to each other safe and sound.

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Not a moment is wasted for they start things off immediately. That chugging rhythm reigns supreme. Percussion further adds to this driving pace. Full of a sunny airy presence to it the lyrics neatly tie together the mood of the world. A celebration of those trying to take care of so many in their moment of need further adds to the easygoing, joyous spirit. Even in the midst of something so tragic befalling thousands, the way people seem to come together gives a glimmer of a better society at the end of so much pain. Everything grows and grows into a virtual stream of consciousness. By allowing such exquisite detail into the mix it gains a kaleidoscopic fervor to it. Such happiness radiates all the way towards its satisfying finale.

“We’re In This Together” shows off Wayne Olivieri’s impressive ability to capture the zeitgeist in a way that feels palpable.

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